Freakishly-Green-Courgette Spaghetti

Before I dive into this blog post, I’m going to admit that this recipe is (rather heavily) adapted from A Pinch of Yum – website here.

Anyway, the sudden onslaught of hot weather must have frazzled my brain because this morning I said, TOTALLY casually to Chris ‘do you fancy trying courgette spaghetti for dinner?” … WHAT’S EVEN WEIRDER is that he replied with ‘K then’.

Now you’ve probably guessed that I don’t own one of those freaky dark-magic spiralizer* things, so it’s a good job that Tesco do handy, 2 person portions of courgette spaghetti for a quid, and it’s 3 for 2, incase you wanted to do it again, which you might, because this recipe is actually quite delicious to the point that I would make it, plus courgettes, again.

*dunno how you spell it and nothing’s coming up on autocorrect.


You will need:

1 pack of courgette spaghetti

a handful of green beans

a handful of spinach

1 red pepper (to offset the green-ness)

a clove of garlic

a squeeze of lemon juice

2 tablespoons of pesto


In a wok / saucepan / frying pan (it really doesn’t matter), slosh in a slosh of rapeseed oil and crush your garlic with a pinch of salt.  Chuck your garlic into the oil and let sizzle.

After a few minutes, chop your green beans and red pepper up.  Toss those in and stir fry for a few minutes; I like my veg crunchy so this didn’t take long at all.


In goes the courgette – empty the pack into your pan and toss around only for a minute, it cooks very quickly.


Add your pesto and a squeeze of lemon juice, cook until it’s just heated through.


^ I appreciate that this is far from an attractive photo, but trust me.

Take everything off the heat and shred your spinach into the pan.  You could add your spinach earlier and let it wilt but the squeaky feeling wilted spinach leaves on your teeth makes me feel gross, so I prefer it at the end.


Serve up with a crack of black pepper and grated parmesan.


^ I also think that balsamic glaze would be amazing with this.

A perfect, quick lunch or dinner for as long as this hot weather sticks around*.

*looks out window – it’s raining. siiiiiiigh.


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