Goodman, W1S.

Wow, we’ve been lazy sods on the blog recently. This month seems to have flown by in a whirl on 3 day working weeks and excessive drinking. For some unknown reason my kitchen has stayed squeaky clean and I just haven’t had the time or inspiration to try any new places.


Last week, I was made to get of my arse and take Chris out for dinner. He’s turned 25 (again) and I thought it’d be a good idea to get off my arse, change into my favourite going-out-without-heels dress and mad dash through the rain to Mayfair for a steak dinner.


We sat ourselves down and jumped straight to the cocktail list…

Goodman’s After for Chris…

Champagne for me..!


I hate to start on a downer but I was absolutely DEVASTATED when the waitress came over and told me (at 7.45pm may I add) that they had ran out of the burrata, and the 250g fillet steak. It just happened to be that those were the starter and main I’d had my eye on all week.

Anyway, smiley face smiley face… I instead went for the prawn tempura. Chris ordered the boneless beef ribs.


The tempura was lovely and light and came with avocado (always a winner), mango and jalapeno mayo to give it a kick.


Chris’ ribs were on the tough side; not exactly the ‘look at it and it falls apart’ kind of ribs that everyone likes but the BBQ sauce was nice and sharp, not too rich and creamy like a lot of BBQ sauces.

Wine-wise.  I had NZ Sauvignon (can’t go wrong) with my starter but Chris’ Pinot Noir from Oregon(!) really stole the show.  I haven’t drank American wine since we got back from California last summer but I might start having a little explore in the wine aisle… This was deep without leaving that ‘furry’ texture on your tongue and amazingly smooth.

For mains, I went for a 400g rib-eye cooked blue w/ bernaise sauce and Chris had a 450g boneless sirloin, cooked medium rare w/ peppercorn sauce.  Chris stuck (wisely) with the Oregon Pinot Noir and I went for an Italian Valpolicella.


We ordered beef dripping chips (YUM), spinach sautéed with gruyere (DOUBLE YUM) and green salad with tomato and red onion.

My steak was cooked perfectly; sadly I couldn’t finish it because, well, 400g plus sides… Chris managed to finish his though. Oooosh!

After a bit of a rest and more wine, we moved onto pudding.


I ordered a STUNNINGLY rich and delicious white chocolate crème brulee w/ raspberries…


^ terrible lighting, but LOOK at the shiny crunchy topping…phwoooar!

The top was the perfect amount of crunchy and the sharp raspberries cu through the creamy chocolate perfectly.

Chris had the Cookie Sundae, which is when the phrase ‘eyes bigger than your stomach’ started being used.


Food-wise, Goodman is a winner. Everything was perfectly lovely however, at £230, I was a little ‘jaw hit the floor’ when the bill came.


We finished with limoncello, waddled outside and Uber-ed back home to face the inevitable steak coma.



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