Galicia, Español (part dos)

I left you on Saturday night, weaving our way back to the hotel after a bottle or two of Badiana’s finest (house) alboriño THIRTEEN EURO A BOTTLE ARGH.


On Sunday we woke up feeling FREESSSSHHH (that’s not even a joke, we didn’t have a hangover the whole time we were away, though god knows we deserved one) and because it was a gorgeous day we went to La Lanzada for some serious picturesque beach action, and to spend some quality alone time with half a pig’s worth of jamón ibérico we’d bought from the supermarket back in Pontevedra. If you’re into your jamón (who isn’t?), buying it off the bone from the deli counter if you’re in Spain is totally the way forward. It’s much cheaper than in the UK and the quality will blow your mind. The stuff we had was so deliciously creamy and fatty it was practically melting by the time we came to eat it *drools*.


^ I swear to god there’s no filter on that


Pretty much everything was shut in the evening which was a disappointment as we’d planned to hit up both La Chiruca and Badiana again and have a smorgasbord of our favourite goodies. Instead, we ended up at Ruas, which had served us well in the mornings with excellent coffee and breakfast churros (breakfast churros though?? Amaze!). Unfortunately, while the breakfast game was strong here, the dinner didn’t quite live up to it. The tortilla was fine, but more squidgy and mushy in the middle than properly runny, and the gambas were HEEYUUGE but not as tasty as the one’s we’d had previously. Perfectly palatable, but nothing to write home about.

Our last day (*sob*) was brilliantly sunny again, so we took the car – by this time we hadn’t had a near death experience for 24h so were feeling pretty confident – and drove to Cambados. Well. We though Cambarro had nailed the quaint, but Cambados short circuited our quaint-o-meter it was so pwetty…




^ Seriously though

As well as being painfully beautiful, Cambados was also home to our favourite insanely friendly (and also just insane) Spaniard of the holiday – the owner of the A Casa da Leña Taperia. A perfectly picturesque restaurant in a perfectly picturesque town, just begging you to come relax, sit in the sun and watch the world go by.



These are also zamburiños, apparently. They may *look* like the deformed bastard offspring of a clam and a scallop but they were lush. No idea what was in the sauce – wine, garlic, parsley, unicorn tears (probably) – but we mopped it up with some super-soft brown bread and drank it like it was soup. Not even sorry. The huge, juicy clams came in the same sauce and the whole thing was a delight.


We tried to order padrón peppers – we’d had them before in La Chiruca and they were better than any I’ve ever had in the UK; charred and with heart-stopping quantities of salt and oil – but for some Spanish reason we couldn’t have them here, which was a bit disappointing. I mean, he explained for quite a while why he couldn’t give them to us, but it was in Spanish, so we didn’t understand a word. Doubtless it was a bloody good reason though, so nevermind.


To finish our Galician adventure we ended the meal with a plate of tetilla and jamón, both so deliciously melt in the mouth it was untrue. Probably my favourite meal we had all weekend.

So, that was our jaunt to Galicia! We managed to have the maximum of funtimes with the minimum of planning, money, organisation or, yunno, actual mad Spanish skillz (it’s amazing how far the words ‘si’, ‘gracias’ and ‘vino tinto’ will take you).

Book your flights. Bring me back some jamón. Ta ❤


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