Chooks, W5.

Saturday was date day –

After a short spell at work (boo Saturday work BOO) we headed into London and to the Natural History Museum to face my biggest fear*…




Sensational Butterflies comes to NHM every summer (I’ve heard that we’re in BST but I’m yet to see 3 days without rain/thunder/SNOW WHAT THE HELL LONDON!?!?) and I’ve always avoided it like the plague.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re very pretty but if a butterfly comes near me you’ll see me running in the opposite direction, screeching like a toddler and flapping my arms around like a twat.  Not dignified at all, no no no.


After 5 minutes outside the tent ‘reading’ all of the interesting gardening / butterfly info, Chris dragged me in.  Another 5 minutes of clinging on to him like a child and I managed to take tiny tiny steps of my own.  Thankfully this butterfly / dragon didn’t take off or I fear we’d all be goners…


After surviving (aren’t I a trooper) the ferocious winged creatures, we meandered back to Ealing for drink and food.


^ I suppose they are quite pretty, and I guess they can’t kill me.

Back in Ealing, after a few pints at The North Star, we went to Chooks for dinner.


^ I want the lights.

Chooks is relatively new to Ealing, although they do have another branch in Muswell Hill.  I must admit that when Chris got Deliveroo from here a couple of month back I wasn’t massively impressed, but because I’m an open minded person I decided to give it another go.

We arrived, ordered drinks and took in the menu.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pops (goo-ey balls of deliciousness)


^ give the BBQ sauce a miss, they’re perfect on their own

6 buffalo wings – these are MASSIVE! and they also split them in half so there are actually 12.  No complaints here though.


The buffalo sauce here isn’t strictly speaking, actual buffalo sauce… it’s so much better.  It has a much fresher, homemade and less processed taste and I’m inclined to say that… oh dear God… they might might just be better that Meat Liquor.

Literally can’t believe I just said that but it’s true!

After ordering wine and having a food break (those wings are seriously enormous), we ordered mains…

I had half a buffalo chicken –


Oooooooooh the sauce…


Chris had the Grilled BBQ Chicken & Rib Combo which came with a small mountain of fried and coleslaw.

The fries claimed to be rosemary fries – honestly I didn’t taste it.  More rosemary pleeeeease!

We also ordered a Kale Caesar Salad to share (don’t judge, I actually like kale and this salad was delicious).  Also it cancels out all the wine I drank so there.


I wanted pudding but SOMEONE (Chris) decided to be all full and whatnot, meaning I’ll have to go back another time to try that Banoffee Waffle Sundae, darn it.  I’ll also take an Austin Midnight Burger – buttermilk fried chicken, BBQ shredded pork & coleslaw … and possibly a deep fried Mars Bar and more wings.

They also do BRUNCH!! Get me in on some of that.

I’m really impressed with Chooks and I’m so relieved to finally have a decent chicken place in Ealing.  Admittedly, not as good as Chicken Shop but until I can be arsed to go to Camden every time I want chicken, Chooks will be my go-to place.


Chooks are on Twitter @chookschickens

and their website is here.


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