Vindinista, W3.

That’s right, W3.  Acton has seriously stepped it up a notch peeps,with a new trendy (in Acton) new wine bar (in Acton) on Churchfield Road, a stones throw away from Acton Central (in Acton).  They pride themselves in providing wines from off the beaten track plus artisan classics and boy, the holy grail of all things wine has come to Acton…


Susan and I had been long overdue a Caroline-Susan Date when she told me about Vindinista and, being only a short bus ride away from gloriously leafy Ealing, I couldn’t think of a better reason to get together to eat, drink and be merry.


After said short bus ride and a quick glass at The Rocket over the road, we legged it through the rain and into Vindinista, where we were seated by the window and handed the wine menu.


The waiter was an absolute charmer and insisted on showing us wines that we wouldn’t normally go for but absolutely loved.  I settled on Libera Terra Grillo/Catarrato – I don’t think I’ve tried Sicilian wine but this, despite smelling a bit too ‘tree’ for me was surprisingly light and flavoursome.  Susan was wowed by an Austrian Johanneshof Zweigelt which, although smelling very deep and rich, was very chuck-downable.


Drinks in hand, we looked at the food menu…

Marc Bakery Sourdough w/ Olive Oil & Dukkah


Marinated Green Olives – not your usual marinated olives, I think they marinade them in something similar to what’s in the dukkah which make them extra-specially delicious.


Whole Baked Tunworth w/ Rosemary & Honey – similar yet SO FAR AWAY from a Camembert, and much more delicious.


English Cured Sausage (wild boar w/ juniper & caraway)


Despite the Tunworth not being on the menu that day, I asked very, very nicely and the lovely waiter told me that they’d fire up the oven so that we could have one – one squillion brownie points were also accompanied by jealous stares and whispers of “OMG what’s that!? I want one!’ from the people at the bar.


^ excuse me whilst this photo and I have some private time… *buries face in it*

Susan had never tried dukkah before*; spices and nuts ground up, perfect for dipping.  You dunk bread in olive oil and then the dukkah – so much flavour and crunch…


*to be fair I only have because it’s in the River Cottage book

As well as wild boar, they also had chorizo.  The boar sausage has a really rich, meaty flavour.

Inevitably, there was more wine, and more food.

Mr Duck’s Free Range Duck Rillettes w/ Cornichons – I had no idea what this was; basically duck pate with pickles.  The pate was course (smooth pate freaks me out) and very rich, good job the pickles were there to balance it out!


Cheese Board w/ Toasted Hazelnut & Fig Loaf and Fig Chutney.


The cheese board was very nice however, I don’t really think one is complete without a scrape-your-face-off cheddar.  Don’t get me wrong, everything was really nice – even the blue went well the chutney and I HATE blue cheese but there was something missing to make it great.


^whatever this was, with chutney = swoon.

After round two of food, we were well and truly stuffed and ready to crawl into bed to face whatever weird cheese dreams may come our way.

We were, incase you hadn’t noticed, seriously impressed by Vindinista; as well as serving exquisite food and drink is a beautiful intimate yet friendly setting, the service is brilliant.  The staff really know their stuff and are dedicated to finding you new things to try and broaden your horizons.  My horizons have definitely been broadened – Austrian wine, who the hell would have thought it…


^ want this in my flat.

Vindinista are on Twitter @Vindinista

Their website is here.

You can also follow them on Facebook.




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