Brunch @ Flesh & Buns, WC2H.

Flesh & Buns is mine and Jennies long standing go-to place.  Every birthday, celebration or just coz Thursday, we head into Covent Garden, tummies rumbling ready to devour all the sushi, buns and champers we can cram into our little (maybe) tummies.

IMAGINE our UNCONTAINABLE EXCITEMENT when FLESH AND BUNS started doing BRUNCH!!!! BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH for as little as THIRTY NINE ENGLISH POUNDS!!!! Grief I’ve exhausted myself just thinking about it again…

Last Sunday, we skipped(ish) into the sunshine, did a bit of shopping in Covent Garden then rocked up outside F&B bang on 2pm.  As you only have the table for 2hours*, every second is precious.

*they won’t throw you out after exactly 2hours, but kind of ask if you’re ready to order at exactly the right times without you feeling rushed.  You have to understand that they need to get people through the door.

We were seated at the long table in the middle of the room, surrounded by couples on dates, posh Chelsea families and groups of friends on their weekly catch up, sipping champagne.

As soon as bums hit seats we were presented with chips & dip and Edamame along with a deliciously refreshing Strawberry Bellini… Cheers!


We opted for the £46 menu, meaning you can choose from both pages – I ain’t missing out on Softshell Crab or Salmon Teriyaki for the sake of £7, hell no!


For your dosh, you get unlimited hot and cold small dishes, unlimited (WOOHOO) red, white or prosecco (£10 suppliment for champagne but tbh, the prosecco is a gooden so I wouldn’t bother), buns and dessert – hellllo s’mores I’ll get onto YOU later!

Starters round one, we ordered:

2 portions of melt in-your-mouth, you-don’t-even-need-to-use-your-teeth mixed sashimi

Softshell Crab w/ jalapeno mayo

Spicy Tuna Rolls FROM HEAVEN

Korean Fried Wings, crispy and saucy, very much like the ones from Beer & Buns (droooool)

Grilled Broccoli (wait for it) w/ orange miso & sesame

I ordered the broccoli as a ‘hahaha lets cancel out the rest of the food by eating something green’ kinda move but it was SERIOUSLY delicious.  The veg still had a crunch to it (overdone veg is not the one) and the orange miso was sweet and salty at the same time.  Phwoooar – more of that please.  If I figure out where to buy orange miso I’m going to smother all my veg in it.


The sashimi here is just to die for.  We’re talking exceptional quality fish here, served in a bowl of ice w/ wasabi & ginger (soy sauce is on the table) but go easy on these, the sashimi is stunning on its own.


I’m a massive fan of Korean Fried Wings – whatever goes in that sauce, I want all of it and whatever they do to make the outside deliciously crispy and the inside so lovely and moist, I want one.  We did only order one portion of these for fear of eating all the wings and having no room for any other food.  That would be a sad, sad state of affairs.


Shout out to Spicy Tuna Rolls – I love you guys a lot.


Phew! God I’m so full HAHAHAHA JOKES!!

Starters, round two:

More sashimi (duh, it was school holidays so my teeth were also on holiday)

Chicken Yakotori – skewers on chicken and spring onions w/ sichimi pepper

More Tuna Rolls, obvs.

and… we’ve saved the best til last here…

Cold Smoked Salmon Tataki *angels sing*

I have no idea what makes this Tataki so amazingly, beautifully special; maybe it’s the every-so-subtle hint of wasabi. Or perhaps the sprinkling of onion and rock chives? Or the fresh, lightness of the fish.  Whatever it is, we ordered 3 portions and could have gone for more if we didn’t realise that time was running out and we had to order mains.


^ teeny tiny little mouthfuls of heaven, which is why you ordered more than one portion ALL HAIL UNLIMITED SMALL DISHES!!

Mains choices are, obviously, buns buns or buns.  Wonderful, cloud-like buns sent straight from those pearly gates to give light and meaning to Sundays.

I went for Crispy Pigley Belly and boy, it was cris-pyyyy *smugface*


^ this photo makes me smile, and hungry.

Jennie ordered our old fave, Salmon Teriyaki.


Sweet, sticky salmon with salty soy and fresh lemon and cucumber – phwoooar!

Pudding was only what pudding can be at Flesh & Buns – S’MORES!


You’re given 2 crackers and a slab on chocolate to sandwich your goo-ey passionfruit flavoured marshmallow into, yummy yum yum yum times a million!

All that sushi-ey, bubbley, cloud-ey goodness along with what was at least a bottle of prosecco each for just over £50 is, if we do say so, an absolute bargain.  I mean, we’ve gone into the hundreds (not even ashamed) on dinner here before…

Flesh and Buns is on Twitter @FleshandBuns

Their website is here.

… and you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram, just incase you like a good dose of food envy first thing in the morning.



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