Meat Liquor, N1.

Last week, a lovely email landed in my inbox offering 50% off food on ‘Blue Tuesday’* at Meat Liquor. It’s not like we’d been starved to death (quite the opposite) over the Easter weekend but hey, when ML is half price you don’t not go, you just don’t.

*every Tuesday should be labelled ‘blue’ if you ask me, maybe if it was 50% off EVERY Tuesday then they would be less blue.

After making the tactical decision to head to Islington (no thanks queuing in the rain) we plonked ourselves down, ordered some drinks and grabbed a menu.


I drank Hopfe Helle Weisse (wheat beer, seriously yum), Chris had Porkslap Pale Ale and Jennie had red wine (she’s not a beer lover – weirdo).


^ this made me lol

The starters/sharing bits in ML are seriously delicious – the chicken wings are my firm favouritititist wings on the planet ever ever – so we ordered loads of these…

Buffalo Wings

Devilled eggs (no)

Braai Wings

More like goose wings (they were HUGE) and smothered in a dry rub which was just the right amount of blow-your-face-off.

Monkey Fingers


Why has nobody thought of this before!? Like wings but WITHOUT THE FAF AND GETTING WING SAUCE ROUND YER CHOPS! a part of me does, however, like the challenge of cleaning every single bit of meat off a chicken wing but when you seriously CBA, Monkey Fingers are the bomb.  The blue cheese sauce is a work of art; you know when blue cheese sauce is just too blue-cheesey which is a bugger for those people who hate blue cheese (namely me)? Well, ML’s is just the right amount of blue.  I could drink a pint of this stuff, and then chase it down with whatever they cover those wings in… *droooool*


get inside me.


After our first round of starters we (I, soz) thought it would be a good idea to eye up the shots menu. A lovely looking man who may or may have not been on commission for selling these because he told me they were delicious suggested Picklejack. That’s a shot of Jack Daniel’s chased with a shot of pickle juice. This was the face before…


…and my face at 2am the next morning wasn’t a pretty sight either.


After giving said man a stern talking to and also a bit of a smile because he looked nice, we moved back to the menu again.


Deep fried pickles – weirdly tasty!

Onion Rings the size of your face/an American trucker wheel

Deep Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese


HOLY HELL THESE WERE GOOD!! I wish that they came with a different sauce as the tomato didn’t wow me but the goo-ey, stringey cheese was just SO GOOD and the crispy coating was SO GOOD!! Reminded me of the Macancinis at When Mac Met Cheese (when are they coming back btw… that was some serious yum).

In between starters round 2 there may have been some Pipe Dreams shots (absinthe, watermelon liquor & lemon juice) which were VERY nice but also VERY alcoholic and VERY contributory to my raging hangover the next day.


^ weeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! the nice man didn’t let me steal the glass though boooo 😦

Now I’m really, really sorry folks but by this time we were a) stuffed and b) shitfaced so didn’t get a chance to wrap our chops round the burgers BUT! we’ve been to Meat Liquor W1 many times and HIGHLY recommend the Green Chili Cheeseburger (you’ll need napkins and it’s not recommended for a first date…actually sod it, if someone can’t appreciate a damn good messy burger then they can go to hell) and also the Dead Hippie. Everyone loves the Dead Hippie – I don’t know what’s in that sauce but I want it all in my face STAT!

Meat Liquor has spread its wings (mmmmmm chicken wings) far and wide so you don’t even have to be in London to enjoy it! You do however have to be in Leeds and, well, errrm… … … … or Brighton or Bristol or Singapore.




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