Beigel Bake, Brick Lane.

Last weekend was a bit of a messy one. It was one of those ‘let’s have a few quiet drinks in Ealing’ that turned into ‘let’s quickly line our stomachs at Five Guys then head east for a gig and get bladdered’. Tequila got involved (SOD OFF TEQUILA NOBODY LIKES YOU) and we saw some AMAZING music at Village Underground in Shoreditch. I’ll post some SoundCloud links at the bottom.

Anyway, the gig was loads of fun and after alternating plastic cups of wine (stay classy) and tequila shots and dancing like a loon I was well ready for some drunk food. We stumbled down Brick Lane to the – apparently – famous 24hour bagel shop. 24 HOUR BAGELS!! 24 hour bagels stuffed with thickly sliced salt beef, sweet pickles and take-your-face-off mustard.  How the hell I’d never heard of this place is a mystery but, to be fair, I don’t migrate this far east very often… perhaps I should start, if only for the bagels.

^lots of beeeeeeeeeef!

The beef falls apart in your mouth and is amazingly moist; the mustard kicks you in the face, good for a bit of a sobering up! The place is run by some very stern looking women who weren’t overly impressed when I drunkenly forgot to ask Chris to order my bagel and then got him to do it after he’d ordered his own but, with the queue out the door, I wouldn’t have liked me either.


^ beef to bagel ratio is ON POINT!

So, if you find yourself thoroughly shitfaced or even (maybe) stone cold sober in Shoreditch at ANY TIME OF THE DAY DID I MENTION THAT THIS PLACE IS 24 HOURS OMG then you need need need this place in your life – definitely beats drunk burger/chicken and throws drunken kebab straight out the park.

Shockingly enough they’re way too cool for Twitface or Faceybook but they can be found at 159 Brick Lane, E1 6SB, near Shoreditch High Street Station.


^there’s an extensive menu which I am sure is amazing but really, go for the beef.

N.B. We saw 2 bands last Saturday – The Correspondents were so much fun and had a really unique sound – check them out here.

Also check out Rumours who played some beautiful music – kind of reminded me of The XX.  Their website and a Sound Cloud link is here.


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