The Cheese Truck @ The Chesham Arms, E9

Is there any foodstuff in the world better than a cheese toastie?? If, like me, you’ve had a week bruising to both heart and soul, all that gooey, melty, cheesey goodness is a comfort, a balm and – when you combine it with copious quantities of red wine – a pretty damn good sedative.

I’ve been meaning to get over to the Maltby St Market to check out The Cheese Truck for a while now, so when I saw they were taking over the kitchen at The Chesham Arms in Hackney, and therefore we could EAT THE CHEESE IN THE WARM we knew we had to get over there, stat.

We were both pretty hungry due to a combination of stressful weeks and (separate) 10 mile runs in the morning *EXERCISE HIGH FIVE* so we immediately decided to order all of the sandwiches


^ THAT MENU ❤ (although salad… LOLZ)

My usual M.O is to save the best ’til last, but as soon as I saw that goats cheese sandwich I knew I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else until it was in my face.


I totally wasn’t disappointed, it was SO DREAMY! The goats cheese was really delicate, so it didn’t overwhelm the sweetness of the honey. The walnuts added a nice crunch and the rosemary butter was subtle, but worked so well with the rest of the flavours. It was the work of an EVIL GENIUS, and I loved it.

The queso chihuahua (doggy cheese?), chorizo & rocket was also delicious, though we thought the cheese kind of took a back seat with this one compared to the strong flavour of the chorizo.



Caroline didn’t like the blue cheese one, but the combination of the tasty cheese, smoky bacon and sweet pear chutney absolutely blue (GEDDIT?!) my mind – if you’re a stilton fiend this will be your dream come true…

The only real disappointment of the evening was the keens cheddar and onion toastie; I thought keens cheddar was super strong and tasty (‘take the tip of your tongue off’ cheddar, as Mummy & Daddy Swan call it), but for some reason this sandwich felt a bit bland. Maybe it was because it came at the end of such strong flavours, maybe it’d have been better with bacon. For whatever reason, I’d probably give this one a miss next time, or at least have it first.


before you get your knickers in a twist THE FORKS WERE FOR THE WEDGES NOT THE TOASTIES SO LEAVE US ALONE #knobheadsontwitter

The potato wedges were lovely and fluffy, and truffle oil is always a win in my book, though I think I’d ask for the cheese to be melted next time (and also maybe order the beans and top the wedges with them… NOM).

They did do pudding, and for a while we debated whether or not to order the cheesecake or another goats cheese toastie but in the end we were struggling to keep our eyes open so we decided to call it a night.

We had an absolutely wonderful time at The Chesham Arms – the pub was so cute, the food was amazing and it was all really good value. Well worth a cheeky jaunt on the overground.

Follow them on twitter @cheesetruckLDN @cheshamarms

Or on the ‘gram @thecheesetruck for some *serious* foodporn


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