Lamb Kleftiko

I think I’m turning into a feeder.  You know, one of those people who cooks way too much for dinner and really really wants people to have seconds, thirds and then pudding? Yeah…that’s me now.  Three people I had to feed on Sunday, however I managed to cook enough for a small army.


Lamb Kleftiko sounds WELL POSH but it’s actually WELL EASY.  It’s a simple, slow roasted greek dish from ma pal(ish) Rick Stein – I am bumming his ‘From Venice to Istanbul’ book right now and had to share this gem of a recipe with you.  It’s so simple but looks really impressive and is full of flavour. YUM!


^ oh yeah, I also threw a carrot and half an orange pepper in there because it looked sad and left out.  Pretty much any veg would work.

You will need (for 6-8 or for 3 with a tonne of leftovers):

1kg waxy potatoes

1 large red/orange/yellow/who-really-cares-they-all-taste-the-same pepper – I also chucked the rest of a green pepper in (AS WELL as that orange pepper) that was lounging around the fridge in, coz nobody likes green peppers.

3 beef tomatoes or 5/6 normal ones

loads of garlic cloves

1 lemon (or bottled lemon juice if you forgot to buy a lemon – DOH)

2 – 2.5kg leg of lamb*

1 tbsp dried oregano / mixed herbs

50ml olive oil (the recipe said 60 but I think this made it a little too oily, so next time I’d use less)

100g(ish) feta cheese



200ml water.

*now leg is stupidly expensive – I don’t see why this couldn’t be done with shoulder but I haven’t tried it yet, if you do then holla me and let me know how it goes K? Thanks.

What to do:

Set your oven to 190ºC / gas mark 5 and roughly chop your potatoes into wedges, your pepper into strips and your tomatoes into slices.


Toss these into a baking tin or a large cast iron pot, then season with salt and pepper

Place your lamb on top of the veg (nomnomnomnomnom) pour over your oil and sprinkle over your dried herbs.  Also squeeze your lemon over the lamb then toss the skins into the veg pile.  If you’re a div and forgot to buy a lemon, splash over some bottles lemon juice.  Honestly though, don’t forget to buy a lemon…


Artistically toss your garlic cloves around the lamb.


Pour the water into the bottom of the tin or pot.  This stops everything drying out.

Clamp the lid into the pot or, if you’re in a baking tray, cover thoroughly with tin foil.


Like a Christmas prezzie!

Throw this in the oven for around 2 1/2 hours, checking half way through that it’s not drying out.  If it is then add a touch more water.


After 2 2/1 hours, take it out the oven, remove the tin foil and sprinkle over your feta.

Pop back into the oven, uncovered for another 10 – 15 minutes.

DONE! Dish up, marvel in how easy yet tasty this is all gonna be.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kleftiko is really always delicious and very easy to be prepared! When I prepare this I add feta as well and everybody loves it!


  2. Tony says:

    Looks fantastic! Ugh…no I am hungry. 🙂


  3. Tony says:

    Now I am hungry*


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