Kami, NW5

A few weeks ago, I got tickets with some girlfriends to see the amazingly talented Luisa Omielan perform her stand up show ‘What Would Beyoncé Do?’ at Kentish Town Forum. We giggled, we LOLed and we LMFAOed FIT TO ACTUAL BURST and her hilarious – and sometimes heartbreaking – show about life, love, mental health, and Beyoncé. We even managed to pounce on her and have a bit of a #fangirlmoment afterwards. Basically the most exciting thing to happen to me this year.

Doesn’t she look pleased to see us??

After the gig and the fangirling, we finished off the night in an excitable bubble with espresso martinis and dancing at the Dolls House in Islington. Great venue, cracking choooooons. Big love to the awesome DJ, who humoured our never ending requests for Destiny’s Child songs I’M A SURVIVOR *stomps* *spills martini* *buys another martini* *weeps/falls over/etc*.

To fortify ourselves for this night of excess and merriment, we went to a Japanese restaurant in Kentish Town, which is conveniently located a stone’s throw from the Forum. I’ve walked past this place so many times but it’s never looked exciting enough to tempt me to go in, which just shows you how appalling my judgment is, frankly.

You can do the whole starter/main course thang, but you know me and you know how I roll Readers; we had loads of appetisers to share. Sharing is caring, as I always say.

First up, edamame and veggie & chicken gyoza. Little parcels of heaven, not too greasy, a little crunchy. Yum. Hot on the heels of our dumplings came the soft shell crab, because CRAB and because DREAMY. Perfectly crunchy, with a creamy alioli dip. The batter was super light and the pieces of crab were chunky enough not to get lost. Spring rolls aren’t usually my bag, but if they’re your thing you’ll buzz for these; most definitely crispy instead of greasy, with a fresh tomato thing on the side. Not sure why, but it worked.


And of course you can’t go to a Japanese restaurant without having sashimi…


That stuff on the left? See that? The white fish? Doesn’t look like much Readers, but THAT is my new favourite thing ever; butterfish *angels sing*. Like softer, butterier (is that a thing? It is now…) tuna; it was absolutely stunning. So good we had to order extra, and were it not for time constraints we’d probably have had extra on top of our extra.

I mean, the rest of the plate was excellent as well, particularly the yellowfin (bottom right), but the butterfish well and truly stole my heart.


Black cod is an old favourite of mine, and didn’t disappoint. Flaky, oily, tasty flesh and crispy skin, with a bit of pickled ginger adding some heat. Expensive, but so worth it.

The others really liked the special sushi rolls, but for me there was slightly too much going on, and I thought the excellent ingredients kind of got lost. By no means a bad choice, but I’d probably keep it simple with some nigiri next time.


^ pretty though…

Tuna tataki was another high point, in a meal full of high points.


So soft and delicious… and that sauce… *drools*

And the aubergine with sweet miso paste is a match made in ACTUAL heaven


^ SO GLISTEN-Y THOUGH *heart eye emoji*

The house white was incredibly quaffable, and the whole meal with three bottles cost about £40 each. Not the cheapest meal you’ll have in North London, but not far off and given the quality of the food it feels like we robbed them tbh.

Website here.

They also do takeaway! Hurrah for takeaway!



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