Pho & Bun and Cirque Berserk!

Last week, we had a SISTER DATE! Sister Dates are the best kind of dates I reckon, and since I hadn’t seen my darling older sis for a few weeks we were well due a catch up, a good feed and some first class entertainment.

We started off with drinks at Tredwell’s and after a good gossip, we moved on to Pho & Bun for dinner.  Pho & Bun is very conveniently located on Shaftesbury Avenue, so if you’re heading to the theatre it’s a great choice for something different.


Cute decor…


Pho & Bun opened in October and is an extension of VietEat in Holborn, offering fresh, authentic Vietnamese street food to the hungry masses*.


*not so much masses as the place is tiny, but very cool and cute.


^ CHEAP MUCH!?!? woohoooooo!

We started with:

Prawn Crackers – crispy and delicious

Crispy Pork & Crab Spring Rolls – non-greasy, tasty and goes GREAT with the peanut sauce!

Wokked Chilli Salt & Pepper Squid (predictable order but WELL nice)

BBQ Honey Glazed Spare Rib – these were a bit tough although the taste of the glaze was wonderful and a squeeze of lemon added a fresh twist.


^ nestled between the spare ribs and the prawn crackers – peanut sauce from HEAVEN!

After whetting our appetites with (mostly) amazing peanut sauce, we order mains…

I had Pho w/ rare beef…


I’d never tried Pho before and when it came it didn’t look very appealing.  The chilli, herbs and beansprouts came separately which I chucked in all at once.  This didn’t add colour so much but the taste was incredible!! The murky brown (soz) broth was fresh, fragrant, delicious and SO not what I was expecting!!  The rare beef cooked quickly but didn’t turn tough and it came with noodles to thicken and bulk it out.  Lots and lots of yum and a thumbs up from meeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Jennie’s Honey Glazed Pork Bun was delicious.  In a fluffy cloud-like bun with sweet, sticky pork that was balanced out with the coriander, lettuce and apple and the chilli mayo gave it a good kick.


…and a side of summer rolls w/ prawns.

I love Vietnamese summer rolls; so much more delicious than regular spring rolls and really fresh and delicious. Jennie smothered hers in MORE peanut sauce – I think she’s developing a problem.

I also really wanted to try the tiger prawn bun but we were running late!!

After a hop, skip and a bus through town, we arrived at The Peacock Theatre in Holborn for Cirque Berserk!

IMG_7424 (1)

Sorry for the blurry photos – those gymnasts just would not hold still!


I don’t dig circus’ but this was seriously wicked.  Very edgy, interactive and an almost piss-take of the kind of ‘traditional’ circus’ you get in tents (especially the clown, he was hilarious).  It was a really impressive evening.

Pho & Bun’s website is here and they’re also on Twitter @phoandbun – oh! and I forgot to mention that when you spend £40 (as IF that’s a challenge nyeheheheheee) you get a FREE BOTTLE OF WINE!

Cirque Berserk are also on Twitter @CirqueBerserkUK.  Sadly their time at The Peacock has come to and end BUT if you keep up with their website then you can check out their tour dates.  You can get pricey tickets but ours were a steal at £15 each and we got decent seats.


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