Dinerama, EC2A.


If you’re as excited about this as I am then clear your Saturday night, grab your food-lovin’ mates and get your fine ass’ to Shoreditch and check out Dinerama.


Last year, we blogged about Hawker House which, although was fantastic, felt quite cramped being all indoors.  Dinerama is different.  There’s one big space which, although covered, is in one big room, giving you the feeling of space although, obviously, it was pretty slammed.

Chris and I hit this place up last weekend with Kelvin and Becky.  Thankfully they heart food just as much as we do and don’t mind buying lots and lots to share.

We started with drinks.  Beers all round!


Not here, I just loved the name.  German Sex Dungeon (teehee) only had cans so we went over to The Bar, where they had Kozel, Frontier & Sierra Nevada on tap as well as wine and cocktails!





Some less appealing than others…

We started with chicken wings at BBQ lab.  Flippin’ delicious crispy, saucy, sticky, finger lickin’ chicken wings (I may have just copyrighted KFC but who cares).


^ that is the most awful food photo I’ve ever taken but the lighting was crap! They look like tiny little poos but I swear to God they were eh-mezeng.

After BBQ lab, Becky and I got in a round of buns for Yum Bun.


The duck was deliciously crispy w/ cucumbers, carrot and spring onion to keep it fresh and spiced plum sauce.


Pork melted in the mouth and also came with cucumber, spring onion and miso sauce.


Next up, and it was only a matter of time, was Smokestak.  I came to Dinerama wanting to try lots and lots of new things (I kinda have to cram my street food into whenever Streetfeast is open – out west we haven’t quite discovered it yet *sad face*) but I can never ever resist Smokestak.


Whatever they smother these pork ribs in, I want to bathe in it forever.


Incredible, albeit pricey beef rib that you just look at and it falls apart.



A giant cocktail later…

… we went to BirdBox!


BirdBox (by Smokestak which is probs why it’s SO AMAZING) is brand spanking to the Street Feast family and oh em GEE am I glad that they joined up!  BirdBox is Bajan-inspired chicken with fresh lemon, herbs and other delicious secret ingredients, amazing roasties and BITCHIN’ CHICKEN WINGS that blow your FACE off (in a good, flavoursome way, not in a fire way).



I do like a man with a giant meat cleaver…


We passed on the roasties (I’m not a massive fan anyway but I’m sure if you are then you’d be in spuddy heaven) and dug right into half a chicken and 6 wings.  Phwoar, phwoar, phwoooooar.

Wanting to take a break before pudding, we headed upstairs for more beers and maybe some vodka…


After too much vodka (thanks for the headache NOT) we headed to You Doughnut! for, quelle surprise, doughnuts.


Salted Caramel w/ cinnamon sugar, caramel & pecans and White Chocolate Custard w/ vanilla, warm chocolate custard and pretzels.


Feeling utterly stuffed and – in my case anyway – a liiiiittle squiffy, we headed home.


Dinerama’s website is here and they’re at 19 Great Eastern Street (Old Street / Shoreditch High Street / Liverpool Street) every Thursday Friday & Saturday night.

Street Feast is on Twitter @StreetFeastLDN

Other twitface accounts:

BBQ Lab – @BBQ_Lab

Yum Bun – @yumbun

Smokestak – @smokestakUK

BirdBox – @BirdBoxUK

You Doughnut! – @you_doughnut






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