Condesa, WC2

“Do you know what here’s not enough of on this blog?” I thought to myself the other day. Tapas, of course – I hardly ever have tapas!

HAHAHAHAHAHA JOKES. I eat so much tapas I am basically turning into a plate of tapas. What a way to go… *nibble* swoon*


Anyway, let’s talk tapas (again). Condesa is a latin american tapas bar and also my friend’s favourite restaurant and go-to date venue (form an orderly queue, chaps), though I’ve always thought – purely theoretically – that tapas is a pretty bold choice for a date. On an *almost* entirely separate note, I found this article on Buzzfeed the other day and it made me do a proper LOL. Us Hungry Swans don’t concern ourselves with sharing food etiquette, we just order enough to feed the 5000 and get stuck in. Hence my reluctance to share food with anyone other than my nearest and dearest YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I KNOW YOU’LL NEVER JUDGE ME. KISSES ❤

Condesa is teeny-tiny. The whole place is probably as big as my living room and has about 10 tables. Don’t let this put you off, you know what they say about precious things coming in small packages, and what it lacks in size it makes up for a thousand times over in atmosphere; it’s really lively (without being so-loud-I-can’t-hear-you) and reminds me of the little backstreet tapas restaurants you find in places like Barcelona. The service is excellent and the owner’s really jolly and treats every guest like Royalty.


And the food… Oh the food… My personal favourite was the salmon and avocado tartare; such a delicious mixture of fresh, creamy and sharp with the seedy wafer thing adding a bit of crunch…


^ The photos aren’t dark, they’re *atmospheric*, k?

I’m a salt fiend (LOVE YA, MARMITE) and if you dig that too you’ll fall over yourself for the anchovy fillets; combine with an olive and you’re in fishy, salty heaven


The duck confit tortillas were also a dream – I’ve never had confit duck like this before, but I’d like to give the person who thought of it a big fat kiss. The confit duck is so fatty and rich and tongue coating (in a good way, I mean) and then you have the fresh salsa cutting through it like a knife and making my tastebuds go all tingly. NOM!


The shredded chicken thighs were of the same ilk and also lush but not, in my not-quite-humble opinion (it’s my blog, k?) quite as punchy.


^ still looked good though, and that is one juuuuuicy tortilla

I’m a bit ‘meh’ about patatas bravas as a general rule, but the tomato sauce covering these crispy potatoes was really tasty and spicy and so good we had to order seconds. Also worthy of a second helping was the chorizo with bread and mojo. I didn’t know what mojo was, but now I know it means LOADSA GARLIC* in Spanish. I usually like my chorizo charred and crispy, but this opened my eyes to a whole new world; it had been braised (I think) in wine so the little sausages were really plump and juicy. The bread was smothered in the loadsa garlic which, combined with the juicy chorizo and the tang of the wine was super dreamy.

* I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but I can still taste it now…

From the cheese selection we had (what else) some really sharp, tasty manchego with quince jelly…


…and shared a board of delicious, fatty, melt-in-the-mouth iberico ham.



With a couple of carafes of the excellent house white and a tip it came to under £40 each (for 4 of us) and we left absolutely stuffed, which it makes it an all-round-excellent meal as far as I’m concerned. If you’re in the area you should check it out before everyone catches on to how awesome it is and it becomes one of those places you can never get a seat in.

Website here.

Follow them on twitter @condesalondon

Follow US on twitter you ‘orrible lot! @HungrySwans

PS. According to Soph, Condesa used to do chorizo fondue, which sounds like all kinds of deliciousness. She’s been asking them to put it back on the menu for a while now, PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON THE MENU MR CONDESA!



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