Beef & Brew, NW5.

Yesterday, for various reasons, was pretty shit for both of us.  We’re talking seriously crap days at the office.  We didn’t need this as an excuse to drink two bottles of wine (and then some) and eat our body weight in beefy goodness but it certainly made it feel justified.

After a few bottles of New Zealands finest and a bloody good gossip at the local, we headed over the road to Beef and Brew.  Jennie’s been trying to persuade me to go here for ages and for some reason, I’ve never particularly fancied it.  Maybe because the menu is very limited, as the name suggests, or maybe because Kentish Town has so, so, so much to offer.  Either way, last night I was too drunk to argue and, my oh my, am I glad that we went to Beef & Brew.

The place is really small with only around 10 or 15 tables and a bar but we managed to get a seat at a table for about 30minutes then they moved us to the bar as a reservation was coming in – they’re super accommodating like that, thanks guys *big smile*.

I went brave (or stupid) and ordered a Lagerita – basically upper class Desperados but still pretty damn good.  Jennie stuck to wine.


For starters, we had Coronation Chicken Skewers…


Brisket Jam Nuggets…

and Smoked Pig Cheeks on Toast.


Whilst I wasn’t particularly taken with the chicken, the nuggets and the pig cheeks BLEW. MY. MIND.  The brisket was sweet, delicious and fell apart in your mouth and was covered in a crispy (not at all greasy) coating.  So fit. So, so, so fit.

The pig cheeks were a flavour sensation.  Whatever the sauce on the bottom was amazing and the herbs on top cut through the smokey richness of the pork.  Jesus Christ, we could have happily ordered THAT again!

By this time I’d gone onto beer which, as you might have guessed by the name, this place is pretty rocking at.  I stuck with the same one all night but I absolute promise to be back to try more.


Onto mains.  Because we’re fat shits / very indecisive / everything on the menu looked so amazing, we ordered three to share.

Chateau Steak (rare, obvs) with charred broccoli on the side.


^ 10/10 for arty farty photo!


^ and 10/10 for steak cooking skills – nice work, Beef & Brew – *high 5*

French Dip Sandwich: beef cheek, gravy & beer cheese.


Welsh Rarebit w/ apple & date chutney.


^ so much creamy cheesy goodness, perfectly accompanied by the chutney which made it so I could have eaten it forever and ever.  I need to find a recipe and start making this PRONTO!!

The steak was cooked to perfection and the broccoli (with garlic and olive oil) was absolutely stunning; full of flavour and with a satisfying ‘crunch’.  Despite probably being the best steak I’ve eaten in a while, the rarebit absolutely stole the show for me.  I’d never tried rarebit before and neither had Jennie and it blew my tastebuds all the way to heaven.


The sandwich came with a COW GRAVY BOAT HOW CUTE IS THAT* It’s a shame that we left the french dip sandwich until last.  It was so delicious and rich but by that time we’d gotten pretty full.

* by this time we were also so drunk we tried to coerce the new barman into letting us steal the cow boat.  Shockingly, it didn’t work.


A tip top sisters night out in K Town.  If you’re in the area and haven’t tried Beef & Brew yet then, errrrm WHY NOT?? and also WHY?? … If you’re not in the area then I highly recommend crossing the seven seas (or Northern line) to get all of this food in your face, stat.


Website here.

They’re also on Twitter @BeefandBrewLDN


OMG I NEARLY FORGOT TO SAY!!!! They also do brunch which looks AMAZING so I think I’ll be going there now all the time.  Definitely need me some B&B Brunch.  Or even B&BB.

Here’s another shot of that steak…




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