Warming Spiced Porridge

London and I need to have words.  Last week was bracingly cold to the point where I actually wore leggings under my trousers for most of the week.  When I saw all the snow that our friends are getting across the pond I was severely jealous but also excited to maybe JUST MAYBE get our own mini-blizzard and therefore a few days off work.  The precipitation is here, people…! Just, ya know, very much in liquid form.

Whilst this thoroughly shit bout of weather decides to stay put, I turned back to an old winter fave – porridge.  Porridge with honey, porridge with nutella (or nutella with porridge depending on how you put the ratio), porridge with raisins.  There’s only so much porridge I can take whilst this cold front stays put but, I have found a way to jazz it up a little and I thought, spirit of staying warm together and all that, I’d share it with you.



porridge oats (I use one of those cute Gu dessert pots worth of oats which are more or less the same size as the M&S dessert pots and fill them with oats which is enough for me.  I’m sure you have some lying around but if not, about half a cup of oats is fine)

twice the amount of milk to oats

a pinch of  ground nutmeg

a pinch of ground ginger

a pinch of ground cinnamon

raisins / other dried fruit of your choice



Porridge is best when the oats are left to soak overnight.  So just before you’re about to go to bed combine your oats, milk and spices into a bowl.  It’ll look exceptionally unappetising and you’ll be wondering how this could turn out anything but weird and gross, but bear with me.


^errrrrm…unappetising much.

I always cook porridge in the microwave; low, low heat or else it will boil over and make a hot damn sticky mess.  Got for 90 seconds on medium, stir, then another 90 seconds on medium.


^ hot, sloppy, comforting, spicy bowl of puppy hugs

Add your dried fruit and a squeeze of honey.


Call in sick and go back to bed.  We don’t have time for this crap…

IMG_7244^ the beach IS good for the soul… Days and days of sub-zero temperatures are not.


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