Vintage Salt, N1

I love fish & chips, but getting a decent fish & chip supper in London can be an utter bitch, can’t it?  Gastropub fish & chips are… hit and miss (at best), and seafood restaurants either posh them up and never get them *quite* right, or it feels like a bit of a weird thing to order.


Meet Vintage Salt, formerly known as… The Fish & Chip Shop. Guess what they do best??

That’s right; lovely, moist, flaky fish in batter so crisp and light it will make you weep. Proper chips (fat, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside), posh, minted, not-at-all-fluorescent mushy peas and sharp yet creamy tartare sauce. SWOONSVILLE.



ARGH! So… much… flake…

My friend had the fish finger buttie, which was basically my meal, deconstructed; the buttie comes with tartare sauce and the same, dreamy, mushy peas. I have to be honest though, nice as a buttie is I’d never have anything other than the fish & chips here because they are just.. so… damn… GOOD.

Vintage Salt have a special offer on throughout January; if two people order two courses each you get a free bottle of wine (dry January say what?), which is a bargain however you look at it. Sophie didn’t fancy any of the starters so we had dinner and pudding. I’ve never had pudding here before but oooOOOOOOoooooooh pudding.

Sticky toffee pudding drowning in decadent toffee sauce and creamy rice pudding, flavoured with orange (novel, but also genius) and topped with spiced autumn fruits. So, so delicious.


If you’re not a pudding person (oh get out) and fancy a starter instead, from previous experience the chilli squid is excellent and if they ever bring back the crab and avocado on toast (pleeeeeeeaaaaaase Mr Salt) order that because it is all the delicious.

Our meal was a bargain at under £20 each, however Captain Sam’s Chippy this ain’t (*childhood reference high five*) and if there’s not a special offer on your fish & chip supper can get a little pricey. Totally worth it though.

Website here.


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  1. Had a read of the full post, thanks for sharing!


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