Five Napkins Burger & Schmackary Cookies, Hells Kitchen, NYC.

Our flight back to Heathrow was a late one, so we used our final hours in NYC to buy souvenirs – I have a rather cracking photo of the Empire State Building and some Hooters wing sauce in my flat right now, and Daddy has an NYPD t shirt – do a liiiiiittle more sight seeing and, obviously, eat burgers.

We both did extensive googling, buzzfeed-ing and pinterest-ing before we came out to NYC to make sure we didn’t end up with food-fails. What’s worse than a bad restaurant on holiday you ask? Nothing, that’s what.

Anyway. Five Napkins came up a lot in our google and pin fest. “Best cheap eats” “Best Burgers” “Top 10 things to eat in NYC” etc. etc. It sounded like it would be criminal not to check out this place.


We started with nachos and guac (all good meals do). Chunky, fresh, flavoursome guac with home made crisps/chips that I could not have made better myself at home. We did all but lick out the bowl.

Then the burgers came, Oh Em Gee the burgers.


Jennie had onion blue


^ she wussed out and chopped it in half. whatawuss.

I went for avocado ranch


Mum had cheddar bacon.


JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!! if there was ever a need for #foodporn this is it.

OF COURSE they cooked the burgers how we wanted (Jennie even had hers rare) and, as the name suggests, they were crammed to the brim full of avo/cheesy/bacon/ranchy goodness yes still managed to hold their structural integrity. BURGER WIN!

You can find Five Napkins website here – they have locations all over NY and up in Boston, too. They’re also on twitface @5napkinburger

Before we went into Five Napkins, I had eyed up Schmackary’s (another result of extenvie research) next door and their maple bacon cookies are, apparently, to die for. Naturally we skipped out on dessert at Five Napkins and hopped over to Schmackarys for pud.




^ the schmores cookies were amazing.


^ also frickin’ delicious.


^ i wasn’t too sold on the maple bacon (I think it must be an American thing).  I think it needed more bacon to take the edge off the sweetness.


^s’more schmores HAHAHAHAHA doh.

Schmackary’s website is here.  They have two stores, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. They’re also on twitter @Schmackarys


Our time in NYC was so magical, I think it should turn into an annual outing (if Mum could cope with the flight…)  We’ll be back, New York! And we’ll bring an extra stomach.


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