EN Japanese Brasserie, West Village, NYC.

On the Sunday in New York, we were treated to these amazing views at the top of the Rockefeller…

So much more impressive than the top of the Empire State because, of course, you can see the Empire State!


^ who are those lovelies? Oh yeah, that’s us.

After admiring the views and a casual lunch in Pret* it was SHOWTIIIIIME!!!!

* FYI, Pret is a million times better in America.


We booked Jersey Boy’s well in advance at The August Wilson Theatre for the Sunday matinee and it was absolutely fantastic. I am a self-confessed hater of muscials – difficult when your boyfriend is a freelance musician and one of your besties is an MD – but Jersey Boys was funny, entertaining, had amazing music and the cast were absolutely phenomenal. I’d actually go and see it again, and that’s high praise for someone who can’t stand musicals as much as me.



Anyway, after all the jazz hands and Frankie Valli-ness we were naturally starving (by this time our tummy-clocks were just about in sync, shame we were flying home the next day) and cabbed it along the Hudson river southbound, to EN Japanese Brasserie.

The first thing you notice is the vastness of the place, however because they haven’t crammed tables into every available space it’s also very intimate. High ceilings and black & silver décor make it look very sophisticated and swish but you also don’t need your LBD and designer shoes. Definitely my kind of place.


As is the Swan way, we ordered lotsa things to share.

Vegetable Tempura – not too greasy, nice and crisp, just the way tempura should be.


Age Dashi Tofu (YUMYUM!).  This was Mummy Swan’s fave.  Proper comfort food, even if you’re a meat lover.  The mushroom broth was rich and delicious and the fresh herbs balanced it out.  Also, they make their own tofu in this place.  I know right, tofu is kind of absolutely 100% minging, pointless food but NOT HERE!  I was astounded by the delicate flavour, creamy trxture and crispy coating.  Blew. My. Mind.


Saikyo Miso Black Cod that fell apart in a glorious sticky-sweet pile of deliciousness.


Stone Grilled Organic Chicken w/ wasabi salt, sansho salt & garlic shoyu.  The chicken here was so moist and juicy and the wasabi salt packed a punch.


Assorted Sashimi.  Melt in your mouth, coma inducing sashimi.


Chu Toro Spicy Okako (tuna sushi rolls from heaven)



This was, without a doubt, my favourite place we ate in NYC.


You can find their website here.

You can also follow them on twitter @ENJB_ny


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