Rosemary’s, West Village, NYC

After the hustle, bustle and downright craziness of Black Friday, Saturday in NYC was a more chilled affair. We strolled through Central Park and took in the beautiful scenery…

Met a new mate…


Then subway’ed down to the West Village for brunch at Rosemary’s.

We ordered drinks…


Then poured over the brunch menu, at a complete loss on what to eat – we wanted to order everything! Just look at how gorgeous it all looks!


We ordered nibbles whilst we waited for our mains


^ I don’t now what the radishes were coated in but it was AH-MAZING! and the beetroot came with hazelnuts which is literally a match made in heaven.

For mains, Mum went for the smoked salmon (with toasted foccacia, mascarpone & lemon jam).


Much more popular than the classic eggs royale – the capers and lemon jam were brilliant at cutting through the salmon.

I had Stringhe di Funghi w/ oyster mushrooms, prosciutto & poached eggs.


^ poached egg perfection. and who doesn’t love mushrooms fried with garlic? nobody, that’s who.

Jennie went for pasta; delicious, creamy, autumnal pasta. Cavatelli – butternut squash, walnuts & sage brown butter.


All washed down with a stunning bottle of rose.


That’s right – I converted Jennie. She now doesn’t hate rose. WIN!


Everything was absolutely stunning and, unlike many meals we ate in New York, they were also normal sized portions! Therefore we didn’t feel incredibly guilty for it looking like we hardly touched the food. In fact, we did all but licked the plate (apparently that’s ‘undignified’ or something like that).

We finished off with pudding which was Chocolate Hazelnut Semifreddo (basically a giant Ferrero Rocher) with macerated strawberries and hazelnuts and also some Melville cheese and prosciutto. The cheese was a little pricey ($5 for a teeny tiny piece) as was the prosciutto but, all in all, still pretty damn delicious.


The interior is gorgeous as well.  Very spacious but still with a very intimate feeling.  The fairy lights and mirrors are really beautiful.

By this time is was throwing it down but decided to walk(!?) anyway all the way down to One World Trade Centre.


Pretty big, huh?

You can follow Rosemary’s on Twitter @Rosemarysnyc …

and here’s their website.

More NYC adventures in a few days…


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