Cha Cha Chicken, Santa Monica.

On our very last day in America, and on this epic adventure, we went to Santa Monica. Only a 20minutes drive (or 5 hours depending on traffic) from Hollywood it is the most beautiful, stereotypically American beach town ever. We got hot dogs on the pier, rode on the ferris wheel and dived over and under the ginormous waves rolling in from the Pacific.



Obviously I had done my research vis a vis dinner and decided on Cha Cha Chicken, a small Caribbean place a few minutes walk from the beach. We headed there a little early because we were bloody starving form all the wave antics and it’s a good job we did because half an hour after we got there the queue was massive… on a Sunday!

IMG_6621 (1)

We ordered:

Medium spiced half chicken (we had the choice of mild medium or hot)

Jerk chicken tostatas

Spicy jerked wings

Red cabbage slaw

Spicy Cuban fries


^ half an already massive chicken

Naturally (yey, America!) everything was massive but also so, so delicious. The half a chicken was smothered in spicy, sticky sauce which the slaw cut through perfectly.

The tostadas came with dirty rice & beans as well as slaw and salad, piled high with pulled chicken.

IMG_6617 (1)


The wings, holy moly the wings! Have you ever had chicken wings that fall off the bone like it’s been slow cooked? I HAVE NOW and they were sooooooo good. They also came with an extra hot sauce (the nice kind with flavour, not the horrible kind that only wants to blow your face off) that I poured over the tostadas as well as dunking the wings in.


^ super groovy deco.

In true American style, we left thoroughly stuffed and very very satisfied.  We didn’t drink because we had to drive back to LA but it’s BYOB! DOUBLE AWESOME POINTS!!

I’m not even going to try and round off this incredible adventure in a few sentences. So I’ll leave you with a picture of the sunset over Santa Monica beach.

IMG_6612 (1)


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