Halibut with Chorizo & Clams

This is a based on a recipe from my Salt Yard recipe book. I really need to cook more food from there. I love looking at the pictures (I know that makes me sound about 7, I don’t care) but the recipes are a little frightening to be honest. At least 25% of them require ingredients I’ve never heard of and another 25% call for items not easily sourced within a 100m radius from my house, which doesn’t sound like a struggle but it is.

This was one of the simpler recipes, and I’ve made it even simpler and replaced some of the less mainstream ingredients (does anyone have sherry in their store cupboard? Thought not). Get everything set up and chopped for the recipe before you start, as once you get cooking things move pretty fast! The original recipe used hake steaks, but for some reason I find them impossible to get hold of so now I’ve tried it with both cod and halibut. The halibut steaks I bought were VERY expensive, but kept their shape better and tasted absolutely amazing, so maybe use those if you don’t mind splashing out. Monkfish would also work really well I reckon. Try to get a cut with the bone in, as when it’s cooked in the liquid the marrow adds to the taste and also thickens the sauce. Bit gross, but also yum.

The recipe below is basically a stew, which we ate with warm, crusty bread and butter and it was super dreamy. If you wanted to make it more like fish-and-sauce and have it with say, mashed potatoes and veg then leave out the stock (or half and half it with wine but use half the amount of liquid) and that should do the trick. You can always add more liquid if you like it saucier.

What you need:

2 bone in halibut/hake/monkfish steaks or cod fillets or whatever.
A shallot or small onion, finely chopped
150g cooking chorizo – softer than normal chorizo. Peel them (looks disgusting; like taking a little piggy condom off the sausage) and chop.IMG_4687


20 clams or so
About 150ml white wine
About the same amount of fish stock
A generous knob (*teehee*) of butter
Handful flat leaf parsley (I reckon dill would also be nice), chopped

What to do:

  1. Season your white fish with plenty of salt and pepper. Pour a lug of olive oil into the largest frying pan you own and put it on a high heat until it’s hot, hot, hot

2.  Add the fish and cook for 2 minutes


3.  Turn the fish over, add the onion, chorizo and clams and cook for another 2 minutes, stirring to make sure the onions cook evenly and get a nice coating of chorizo juiciness


4.  Add the wine and stock which should bubble straight away pretty much, turn the heat down and poach the fish in the liquor for about 3 more minutes. Keep stirring and kind of ‘shifting’ the fish so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Don’t be too vigorous, you want it to keep its shape if at all possible


5.  Turn the fish one last time, add the butter and parsley and cook for 3 more minutes. Check the sauce for seasoning (but if you’ve seasoned the fish properly you probably won’t need anything extra) and add a squeeze of lemon juice.


6.  Serve to rapturous applause! Ideally in large pasta bowls rather than these little things… It should look well sexy with the shiny, tender fish and the little clams all open and inviting and the pink chorizo in the sauce, but I think ours just looked a little cramped. Not to worry though, it still tasted amazing, even if I do say so myself. Which I did. Repeatedly.




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