One Canada Square, E14

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, after my night at Rum Kitchen I awoke the morning after feeling fresh as the proverbial daisy. I jumped out of bed and cartwheeled round the room, eager and excited for ANOTHER bottomless boozy brunch with my favourite BrunchBunch…

JOKES I FELT WELL ROPEY *queasyface* I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but there was definitely more than a hint of trepidation in there as well. I’m not as young as I used to be, and sometimes hangover piggybacking can have disastrous consequences.

Luckily on this occasion a good, hard, food-and-booze session sorted me right out. There’s a moral here, but I think it’s probably one your Mum wouldn’t approve of…

One Canada Square is super easy to find – which is GOOD NEWS when you’re still foggy-headed from the night before. Get off the DLR at Canary Wharf and the signposts will lead you right to it. The restaurant is on the ground floor to the left, follow the sound of the impossibly enthusiastic piano player and you won’t be able to miss it.


^ decent menu, an entirely reasonable £20/£25 for food, though bottomless prosecco was £20 where it’s often £15, so a little more expensive

Due in no small part to my resolution to try new things, I had the soft shell crab ‘benedict’ for starter. I can hear your scepticism from here, but it was good! Weird but good! Half a toasted muffin, smushed avo, a lovely runny poached egg and then on top… a fried soft shell crab.


Not the most elegant plate I’ve ever seen, and eating the thing was a bit of a nightmare (smushed avo EVERYWHERE) but it was nice, comforting tasty food. The hollandaise sauce was made with jalapeños which is a VERY odd combination but also a stroke of absolute genius – everything else on the plate was quite creamy or fatty, and the heat from the peppers lifted the whole dish and made it something really special.

Soph had the chilli avocado and bacon on toast which I wanted HARD but thought was a bit of a waste as I can pretty much make that myself at home. Delicious it was though, and the bacon was really excellent; smoky and crispy and just the right amount of fatty. Vicky had the vegetarian option; the sweet potato and leek rosti with avo and poached egg which was also really yummy and lighter than you’d expect. The fact that she had it with extra bacon made it even more yummy tbh, sorry veggies.


The steak tartare was really good (though hilariously the waitress had to check we knew the steak was raw – apparently some woman had had a shit-fit earlier in the day when a plate of raw steak was presented to her – brilliant). The meat was soft and perfectly seasoned, the egg yolk was creamy and the sauce was spicy and vinegary so they worked together perfectly. If you’ve previously been a bit squeamish about tartare but feel ready to take the plunge there are certainly worse places to eat it so give it a go! It comes with skinny chips, but I swapped those for some excellent fat chips. Ain’t nobody got time for skinny chips.


Sophie had a beautifully delicate fishcake with spinach and beurre blanc which again was amazing. It’s also a surprisingly large portion, so you don’t need to order extra chips unless you’re especially hungry.

For pudding we shared salted chocolate and peanut tart with raspberry sorbet and dried raspberries on top.


Yes, yes it was exactly as good as it sounds.

Aaaaaaand now Readers, it’s time for the analysis part of this post. Compared to the other places we’ve been the menu was exciting and diverse – almost as good as Avenue but not quite I’d say. The quality of the food was pretty tip-top as well, again I’d say on a par with Avenue and Villandry. The atmosphere was great with the live piano – though it did occasionally get a bit too loud (check me out sounding like my Mother) and there were a couple of Hen parties in attendance. Prosecco was prosecco and went down a treat, as always, but as I’ve said, it was more expensive than Avenue. For me, Villandry is still top and I reckon Avenue pips OCS juuuuuust but it’s a very close run thing. I’ll probably have to visit both places again just to check…

Join us next month for a Japanese brunch EXTRAVAGANZA at Bone Daddies Flesh & Buns!

*bows, exit stage left*


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