Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Greenwich

The especially perceptive amongst you lovely Readers will have noticed that since my darling Sister left for foreign climes there has been a significant ‘North London’ bias to the blog. Sue me. Have you SEEN the tube network south of the river *shudder* It’s enough to give me nightmares.

Anyhoo, in the interest of fairness and equality I went South of the river for you. Just the once, mind. I girded my loins, jumped on the DLR (or ROBOT SPACE TRAIN FROM THE FUTURE) and made my ponderous way to Greenwich. Which is SOUTH. It’s weird down there. Like London, but not really.

We went to Sticks ’n’ Sushi, because as much as I love Hi Sushi Salsa with all my heart, sometimes posh sushi is the way forward. We had a set menu as part of a deal, so it wasn’t even ruinously expensive which was nice, Especially as I haven’t been paid properly for the last few months (*glares accusingly around*). I have to say I’m not usually a fan of set menus – I like to roam free – but the menu at SnS was so huge it made War and Peace look like a novella and I didn’t even know where to start, so it was quite nice to have the decision taken out of our hands.

Sushi-wise (technical point, sushi is the name given to the rice pieces; sashimi isn’t sushi. You’re welcome, fact fans!) we had two larger rolls with salmon, avocado and chilli, topped with a teriyaki sauce which were lovely – the chilli really added an extra dimension to the whole thing. We also had four avocado inside out rolls, two topped with ‘prawn cocktail’ and two with salmon tartare which were my favourite. The nigiri (tuna, salmon and prawn) was absolutely beautiful; the fish was so shiny and soft, it just melted in your mouth.


^ it was also so instagrammable it was painful


^ that’s a white leather table. obviously

Sticks-wise we had chicken meatballs, salmon teriyaki and asparagus wrapped in bacon. All delicious, though the meatballs had a weird texture. I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken meatballs before and maybe that’s why. The asparagus and bacon one was my favourite, the bacon was really thin so didn’t overwhelm the asparagus, just kind of seasoned it nicely.


The edamame came cold, which I wasn’t expecting, and with lemon and salt. Sounds mundane, but was really nice and kind-of refreshing, which is a weird way to think about edamame, but there you go.

Also with the set menu we got a bowl of seasoned rice (I don’t like rice, but I liked this rice) and Japanese potato salad which was the single least appetising dish I think I’ve ever seen but was delicious! We had no idea what to expect when we ordered it but it was basically potato (duh), something a little like mayo and lots of different pickles. Really weird, but really yummy.

After our set menu and a glass of wine, we were just the right amount of full to be able to think about a little something sweet, so breaking completely with the Japanese theme, we had a trio of crème caramels. Obviously. One vanilla and cardamon, one orange and one coffee.


OH MY GOD. So crunchy on top, so creamy in the middle, so perfect in every way. You need these. And for £7 for the lot, it’s probably illegal not to order them.

I’d come back South of the river to go here.  And I can’t say any fairer than that!

Website here.

Tweet them @sticksnsushi


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