Ryoko’s, San Francisco.

If I were on death row (touch wood) my last meal would be sushi.  Sadly, if Chris and I were on death row together we would be eating separately because he notoriously hates fish.  It will eventually break our relationship but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. If he didn’t like cheese we would have been done long ago.

Anyway, when we were in San Fran it was MY BIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAY which means, obviously, that I can do whatever the hell I want and, most importantly, go wherever I want for dinner.

After extensive research (SF has a lot of sushi going on) I decided on Ryoko’s; reviews were fab, it was cheeeeeeap and it was 5 minutes away from the hostel.  We poked our heads round the door at about 6.30 to see what the queue situation was and decided to head round the corner for some cocktails (by that I mean the worst and most fierce cocktails ever, I am surprised I’m not dead).

About an hour later we headed back to Ryoko’s and the deal was to put your name down and they’d call you when a table was ready – they called your name twice and if you didn’t answer they moved on to the next person. I liked that; ya snooze ya loose.  We waited for about half an hour with beers before we were seated, which is pretty reasonable seeing as some (mental) people queue in London on a Friday night for hours for dinner.  Can any food be that good, really..?


Anyhoo, I was very desperate to wow Chris and turn him into a sushi lover forever and ever, so we started tame.

Wakame Su (sexy slime)
Tuna Yukke*
Chicken Karaage (fried chicken)

*this isn’t actually the name of what I ordered as they had ran out.  They offered me something else with tuna which I can’t remember the name of (bad blogger) which we will get on to later…


The Wakame Su was ah-mazing – seaweed with cucumber with lemon juice & sesame seeds; it was so so so fresh and delicious.  The chicken karrage was really good saying it was just fried chicken (btw fried chicken is way better in America, wherever you get it) super crispy and amazingly juicy with a bit of spice sneaked in.  The tuna… oh God the tuna. WAS. NOT. GOOD!!!! You probably can’t tell by the photo because it was super dark in there so the photos are pretty crap but they’d got delicious, scrummy tuna sashimi, garnished with sesame seeds and some shredded cabbage (so far so good) and whacked an egg yolk on top… Yeah, they destroyed the delicate yet delicious tuna with rich, creamy egg yolk THEN CHARGED US $26 DOLLARS FOR IT.  WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?

IMG_6406 (2)

^ it was rank, it was blurry, i was drunk. so what.
Humph. After that monstrosity which I thought I’d never recover from (until I tried the spicy scallop sushi roll, ERMERGEEEEERD more on THAT later) we ordered more food. Obviously.

Shiramaguro (white tuna sashimi)
Amaebi* (sweet shrimp nigiri)

my iPad tried to autocorrect this to ‘amazeballs’… which it was. I almost didn’t change it.

Jumping Tuna Roll

Before I get into this let me just say, for the record, that I would have ordered the sweet shrimp as sashimi but I’m trying to ease Chris into the wonders of sushi, not throw him in the deep end and watch the poor boy drown.  Either way both the sashimi & nigiri were brilliant – Chris even went as far as to say that the sweet shrimp was NICE.  Now I call that a win.

IMG_6408 (1)

IMG_6410 (1)
The Jumping Tuna roll was deep fried.  I can see your face screwing up but STOP! It was actually pretty nice; the frying just added an extra crunch to the edge.  I was expecting greasy and disgusting but it wasn’t at all. Tbf this isn’t something I’d order again, but change is good.
OMG the Spicy Scallop Roll was b e a ooooootiful. I couldn’t even tell you why, they were just awesome.

IMG_6411 (1)
^ my new fave food ever ever ever

After that we were totally stuffed HAHAHAHAHAHA KIDDING AS IF DO YOU NOT KNOW ME AT ALL??

Umeshisho (sour plum & cucumber)
Pokemon LOL (salmon, mango & avocado)
Hot Tail (yellowtail w/ spicy sauce)

IMG_6413 (1) IMG_6414 (1)

Umeshisho was lovely, the sour plum wasn’t overpowering and it made a nice refreshing change to all the fish.  This lathered in the salty soy sauce was scrummy.
Pokemon (don’t you LOVE the name? I did which is basically why we ordered it, an’d also,I wanted Chris to branch out and try salmon).  The mango & avo really made this and the whole combination was delicious.  Nothing I’ve ever come across in England has these kind of combos, we need it.  The Hot Tail was another fave – I like the spice okaaaaaay.

After this we genuinely were stuffed and my mission was complete. In the words of my dearly beloved ‘it wasn’t as bad as I thought’ and ‘it wasn’t disgusting, I just wasn’t fussed about it’. Either way all I heard was ‘I have now eaten sushi and didn’t due therefore we can now go out for sushi whenever you want to my darling’. WOOHOO!!

If you’re in San Fran then you can find Ryoko’s on Taylor St, between Sutton St and Post St near Union Square.  They don’t have a website OR a twitter page but you can find them on Facebook ‘Ryoko Restaurant and Bar’ and you can suss them out on Trip Advisor, Zomato, Yelp etc. etc. I highly, highly recommend a visit.


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