Wine Tasting in Napa Valley (Part 1)

When I was a kid, The Parent Trap was my favourite film. OK OK, it’s still in my top two but that’s not important. What IS important is that for a long time I basically wanted Hallie Parker’s life and to live on a vineyard in the sunny, beautiful Napa Valley and to ride a horse and have a pool and a massive beautiful house.

As I got older and started actually drinking wine. I discovered that Californian wine actually isn’t that nice. I tried so so hard to like it but all Cali wine you get in England (unless you want to fork out) is gross.

So we’re in San Francisco, we OBVIOUSLY have to go to Wine Country. I didn’t have high hopes but I kept an open mind and some of the stuff we tried was incredible. I might have even bought a present home for a certain set of parents that I may or may not have drank already. You lucky things.

Napa 1

^ there are literally no words. if you have words then let me know.

The tour we went on went to three wineries. I know right, a tour!? On this trip there’s nothing I’ve hated more than organised tours and being ferried about like cattle from one place to another. This was completely different, really intimate and we just chatted away to the guide about wine and his incredibly cute dog, Teddy.

The first place we went to was Whitehall Lane Winery where we also went on a small tour of the buildings and to admire the stunning scenery around Napa.

Napa 2


We tried three wines each at this place and (as I’m sure you’ll notice) my descriptions get vaguer and vaguer as the day goes on/as we get more and more pissed.

Napa 3

Wines worth mentioning at Whitehall Lane:

Pinot Noir – smooth, delicious and easy to drink. Not too strong a taste. This was both our favourites
Cab Sauv – REALLY strong flavour, thekind that smacks you in the back of the throat. This needs food.
Sauv Blanc – lovely and light, the taste didn’t linger like a bad smell. Obviously not as good as Oyster Bay NZ.
Chardonnay – no. I don’t typically like Chardonnay anyway, tastes too much like tree.
Orange Muscadet – also don’t typically like dessert wine but this was good! It was sweet without being too sickly.

A tour of the winery later – CHECK OUT THE GORGEOUS PHOTO BELOW

Napa 4

(Mum Dad if you could decide to retire to Napa I would NOT argue) and we move on to Markham Vineyard…

Napa 5

^ this, right here, is my happy place.

Markham was our favourite of the 3 wineries we visited. The place was really chilled out and outr hostess was hilarious. There’s no wine snobbery at this place; if you like it, drink it, even if it’s under $20. My kinda place.

Napa 6


WWM (wines worth mentioning, obvs):

Sauv Blanc – i was told that this had a hint of NZ and I could definitely taste it (wine-o points). I much preferred this Sauv than the one at Whitehall Lane and ya know what, if I saw this in Sainsbury’s I’d buy it (if Oyster Bay wasn’t on special offer).

1879 Cab Sauv (called so because that’s the year the winery opened KNOWLEDGE FIVE) – this was my favourite wine of the whole tour and I haven’t YET drank the bottle I got for Mum & Dad but it’s early days… you’ll find me before our flight home crying outside LAX, bottle in hand screaming ‘DON’T LEAVE ME AMERICA I LOVE YOU’… anywaaaaaaay… As myself and the hostess said, very very chuck-downable.

Chardonnay – still no. Soz.

After Markham I was starting to feel a teeny tiny bit six sheets to the wind so THANK GOD FOR LUNCH! More on that later…


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