Lure, NW5

Lure is a small fish restaurant in the gorgeous Dartmouth Park near Hampstead Heath. It’s been floating unobtrusively near the top of my ‘to try’ list for a while now, and probably would have continued floating and being unobtrusive until my friend went there are SAW BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH ARGH which made me die of excitement and envy.

So I went. I didn’t see BC*, but that aside (*sob*) I’m SO glad. It’s such a cute little place, the food is fab and the prices are super reasonable. They’re also very sustainable fishing and whatnot so you can eat there guilt free, which is just as it should be, of course.

It’s a long name, I’ve had a hard week, I don’t think he’ll mind if I call him BC.


all this wall says is ‘you can feel good about eating here’


For starters we shared…


OYSTERS! Huge, juicy, tasty oysters with shallot vinegar and lemon juice. Chew them rather than knocking them straight back. Yum.

A pint of meaty pink prawns. Yes, we had to butcher them ourselves but they were delicious. We were all over the shellfish that evening. To liven things up a little bit we also had the szechuan salt & pepper Cornish squid, which was wonderfully tender and not rubbery at all, with a light batter and delicate heat.


When it came to the main courses we did sharesies (to ward off food envy) and opted for the salmon, the bream, the fish finger butty and a variety of sides including some AMAZING fat chips, wilted greens with hazelnuts which were just divine and tenderstem broccoli with chilli and ginger which was equally good. The fish though, was something else. Seriously, seriously delicious. As a rule I tend not to order salmon in restaurants because it’s so easy to do at home, but this was beautiful; moist and delicate with the blackened miso sweetly charred and almost crust-like. The bream was also amazing and made much more interesting – but not overwhelmed – by the lemongrass, sweet chilli and coriander.




The fish finger butty was a butty and a half and came with a fresh fennel coleslaw and in a brioche bun which made it a little sweet. Not something I’d have thought would work, but it really did.


We has room for puddings (but of course we did) which were really nice but I have to say didn’t quite live up to the first two courses. The honeycomb ice cream was dreamy, but the lemon tart wasn’t lemony enough for me and the pastry was a little anaemic. The special dessert was fried pineapple fritter which was decent, but reminded me slightly too much of a weird pineapple doughnut. The others liked it though, maybe it just wasn’t my bag.


pretty though…

I feel like I’ve ended on a bit of a bum note which absolutely isn’t fair as this place is stellar, so I’m going to finish by telling you that I SAT IN THE SAME SEAT AS BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and now my life is complete. Though I really struggle choosing between that and the salmon as being the high point of my evening, which should tell you something.

Website here
Twitter @lurefishkitchen


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