Street, N4

Street N4 is a new(ish) street food-y restaurant in Finsbury Park that I went to try out last weekend. We’d been invited to go there to check out the new menu by the owner, Tony, which was terribly exciting and made me feel like a REAL BLOGGER.  When I saw that on their twitter page they call themselves an ’emporium of gluttony’ I decided that this had all the signs of being a match made in heaven.

(Before we begin, I’m going to say that whilst the lighting was GREAT for atmosphere and whatnot it was CRAP for photographs.  I did my best, guys, I really did…)

First, let’s look at some atmospheric photos, so you get the gist…

IMG_4469  IMG_4470

To start we had cocktails because FRIDAY and COCKTAILS and IT’D BE RUDE NOT TO of course. Tony (the owner, keep up guys) was so nice and chatty and above all HONEST about the food – he’ll tell you if something’s not worth eating – which is weird but brilliant and now means he’s now our mate, Tony.  Anyway, he sat down with us and recommended the best cocktails to try (cocktail of the month is no good apparently.  See, honesty?  That’s what we like here, no time wasting). Sel had the elderflower gin fizz which tasted just like elderflower cordiall; so refreshing and not alcoholic AT ALL (uh-oh…). I had the Indian daiquiri which is Tony’s creation and hands down the BEST daiquiri I’ve ever tasted. Delicately spiced from the rum, refreshing and tart from the lemon juice which in combination slaps you round the chops and shakes you by the shoulders. Vicky had the black Russian which had also had a kick like actual mule.


^ I am LAMENTING the light here, the cream started to bleed into the black making it look all sexy in real life.  Here, just dark.  I see that.  And I lament.

While we sipped/downed our cocktails (some of us had a hard week, k?) and gossiped we ordered some of the sides to get us started. Because important food decisions can’t be made on an empty stomach, yunno.

Our starters, in order of preference were… (*drum roll please*)

1. In third place, mozzarella bites. Remember those weird cheese bites you used to be able to get in Maccy D’s (can you still get those?). Well, these are better. Gooey, stringy, deep fried and the portion is HUGE. Make sure you order one of the sauces to go with it otherwise you’ll be cheesed out – buffalo (so spicy *fans mouth*) or BBQ are good and will cut through the richness.



2. In second place… sweet potato skewers. Not as crispy as chips, but cut into strips, skewered and baked (I think…) to melt in the mouth consistency and garnished with lime and chilli for bite.


^ ARGH! The light the light THE LIGHT!!

3. And in first place… buttermilk chicken! I know I say this a lot about fried chicken but the outside was SO CRISPY AND TASTY and the inside was SO MOIST AND WONDERFUL the only bad thing I have to say about it was the fact that there were three pieces so we only had one each. Pffft.

For main course we ordered the buffalo burger (BUFFALO I KNOW RIGHT? No? Just me?), a cheese and bacon normal boring burger and the pulled pork burrito with a side of chilli cheese fries just in case we got hungry enough (hahahahaha). Now, I’ve never tried buffalo before so I had no idea what to expect, but it was delicious. A really flavourful meat – somewhere between beef and lamb, I thought – and easily robust enough to stand up to the blue cheese and the caramelised onions on the burger. Apparently some people ask for the buffalo burger without blue cheese. I’d like to have words with those people. Peasants.


^ That buffalo can get in my FACE

The cheese and bacon burger we had medium rare and was also dreamy. I mean, a burger is a burger but this was a bloody good one. And as it’s made by the same chef as The Hop & Berry what else would you expect? I have plans to kidnap him and keep him in my kitchen, making burgers for my amusement.  That’s OK, right?


^ That there dribble of melted cheese that you can JUST SEE IN THE DARK makes me want to lick my screen…


^ *chilli cheese fries action shot high five*

Now, you lovely Readers MAY have sensed that I’m rather a fan of a burger. Well then you might want to sit down for this, because notwithstanding the fact that those burgers were BABE the star of the meal was without doubt the pulled pork burrito. Approximately twice the size of my head and packed FULL off wonderful, juicy pork, beans, veg and rice and general deliciousness, it was the stuff your Mexican dreams are made of. Apparently this miracle is achieved by getting Mexican ingredients from a Mexican food supplier rather than Mexican ingredients from an English food supplier which is what most places do which blows my tiny mind but there you are, not complaining. Oh hang on, I can complain: the burrito was a little oily if I’m being super-critical, but I really am scraping the barrel of stuff to get upset about there. I love Wahaca, but this place has just ruined my local Mexican for me forever. Sigh. Now I have to traipse all the way to Finny P every time I want a fix…



^ messy, but sexy.  I’m over the dark now, the pain is gone.  Mostly.

After that blowout, we thought we were full. We thought that hard until Tony came and told us that the churros were to DIE for, and we just HAD to try them. And then we (collectively) thought, ‘ooh, maybe there is an empty, churros shaped corner of my very full tummy, we’d better do what he says’. And then the churros came, and fought to the death with the burrito to be the best part of a truly excellent meal.

They lost by literally the thinnest of whiskers; plump, fluffy doughnuts dusted liberally with sugar and cinnamon and with dreamy, dreamy chocolate sauce.



^ *swoon*

I finished off the meal with an espresso martini which was nice and bitter (rather than just being sugar flavoured coffee) and made sure I didn’t fall asleep on the way home. Sel and Vicky achiever the same end by ingesting MORE sugar in the form of a salted caramel shake, which tasted a bit like every confectionary hit you craved as a child distilled into one drink. Perfect.

Street N4 doesn’t have a website yet, but follow them on twitter @N4Street or just drop into the restaurant which is on Clifton Terrace literally a stones throw from Finsbury Park station.  You should go.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe now.  Want to go with me?

I was invited to try Street N4 in return for an honest review, but if I didn’t heart it so much I certainly wouldn’t have said I did.


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