Chicken Institute, Surry Hills, Sydney

The hostel we stayed at in Sydney put on hot dogs for $1 on Thursdays. ‘A hot dog for 50p you say!?!? Amazing!!!!’ … WRONG. So frickin’ wrong.

We learnt very early on that free food (normally something to get mega excited about) at hostels was not something to be excited about – believe it or not, Aussies really can f#*k up a BBQ. They should have abolished $1 hotdogs forever and used the cash to provide us with free wifi like every other hostel on the planet but WHATEVER.*

*if you tried to contact me when I was in Sydney via facey, email, twitface blah blah then soz.

Anyhow, thoroughly unexcited by crap hot dogs, we decided to venture out.

Of course, it was still pissing it down so we didn’t venture that far. Ten minutes up a hill in fact, to Chicken Institute, (another product of the Google search ‘cheap eats in Sydney’) a Korean restaurant in Surry Hills. As we’d walked approximately a thousand miles that day on a mega ‘let’s try and fit all of Sydney into one day’ marathon we wanted something quick and tasty so that we could get back to our room ASAP and play cards or read a book ROCK N ROLL TRAVELLERS WE ARE.

Chicken Institute was wicked. A small place with a few long tables and then some bar style tables along the side of the wall. The staff were so so so so friendly but not in a weird creepy ‘omg just leave me to eat in peace’ way, in an ‘I genuinely want you to enjoy yourself and relax’ way.

We ordered:
Half Half (from the BBQ grill)
Damn Good Fried Chicken
Little Creatures IPA.

The bibim-bap was delicious however, completely different to the only other bibim-bap I have had, at Bi Bim Bap in Soho. This was cold with lots of raw veg and a poached egg rather than a raw one you stir in. It was delicious, fresh, crunchy, and a little spicy. Lots of yums.

Image Sydney 1
The BBQ grill went down a storm. I’m not a fan of pork but this stuff was wicked – lovely cracking on the outside and lovely and melty in the middle. We wrapped that and/or the wagyu beef along with radish, pickled garlic (well nice) and miso paste into a lettuce leaf and then I had to cram it all down my face at once a) to stop miso pasta going down my nice new jeans and b) coz it was unBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS. We could have ordered this again.

Image Sydney 2
The ‘Damn Good Fried Chicken’ (modestly named) was exactly that – damn good. Crispy as hell on the outside and juicy in the middle without being greasy and blergh. It came garnished with salt, chilli and lime; all very subtle flavours but made all the difference. I reckon that with dip it would have won me over completely, but you can’t have everything.

Image Sydney 3
Soooooo yeah, well impressed with Chicken Institute. Come to London please? THANKS!

Again, if you’re local they’re up the MASSIVE hill outside Central Station and on the corner of Fitzroy Street. If you’re not local then there’s always BiBimBap, which also rocks.


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