Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills, Sydney

Apparently people move to Australia for the weather however, when we landed in Sydney it was fur-eezing. Cold I can cope with and in fact, I welcomed this with open arms and a massive kiss on the lips. Amongst the many things I miss about home, it being cold enough for coats, scarves and boots is one of them. Yes I am mad.

Rain, however, I was not happy with, but that’s exactly what we woke up to on Thursday morning. Torrential, ‘London-in-winter’ style rain. Sydney-ers (is that what they call themselves?) stormed in and out of Central station and off into the metropolis heads down, thunder faces on and wishing hard for the day to end.

I could have stayed curled up in bed forever with a book* but this was our only full day in the city (we’re visiting a friend for the weekend just out in Manly – HI MILLIE!!) so we conjured up our inner Britishness and stomped out into the rain.

incase you’re interested, I’m currently reading ‘Why Not Me?’ by Mindy Kaling and it’s making me lol a lot.

A few streets down from our hostel was Brooklyn Hide, which I had read about on every single website when I googled ‘cheap eats in Sydney’. They do bagels… like, they DO bagels.

IMG Sydney 1

Oh, and FYI $10 is about a fiver so I reckon it was a bargain. Also, if this was in London it would probs be twice the price.

IMG Sydney 2
^ Brooklyn Hide, look at all the delicious juicy pork!

I went for The Brooklyn Hide on sourdough rye and Chris had The Bronx on a cinnamon and raisin bagel. Both myself and the barista gave him a weird look but he was adamant that it would be delicious. I didn’t try any (selfish boy) but apparently it was awesome.

IMG Sydney 3
Mine was delicious – the mayo was a bit mustard-y so cut through the rich pork brilliantly and the bagel was crusty enough to hold all the ingredients in (avoiding food-all-over-face-and-clothes is always a good idea when you haven’t done any washing for a few days/weeks DON’T JUDGE ME).

Stuffed like a Christmas (less than 100 days people!) turkey, we were full and ready for a day trampling around Sydney.

IMG sydney 4
^ pratting around in the Maritime Museum.

If you’re visiting this side of the world soon or if you’re a Sydney-er who hasn’t been to Brooklyn Hide(!), you can find their website here. They’re in Surrey Hills, 5minutes walk from Central Station on Commonwealth Street.

Oh, we also went here the next day for brunch – I had Hells Kitchen (MEGA YUM YUMS) and Chris had The Brooklyn Hide.

IMG Sydney 5
^ Hells Kitchen – basically a posh bacon & avo sarnie. NOMNOMNOMNOM


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  1. Hey guys. If you find yourself having more bagel cravings, pop by my Brooklyn Boy Bagels pop-up at the new Barangaroo Reserve – the newest part of the Sydney CBD waterfront. We do traditional artisan New York bagels, which are some of the best you can find outside of NYC. Lots of other top Sydney chefs will be there as well.


  2. It’s this Sunday, by the way 🙂


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