Bourne & Hollingsworth, EC1

It’s that time again lovely Readers… BRUNCH TIME! Continuing in our self appointed roles as testers of the top bottomless boozy brunches in London, the other weekend found us visiting Bourne & Hollingsworth in Clerkenwell for some cheeky brunch and bottomless bellini action.

B&H is a great space, it’s huge and light and airy and apparently has a greenhouse-type room which is great in Summer. Having said that, our table wasn’t IDEAL for brunch purposes. We were on large ‘comfy’ chairs around a low table which, when I saw it, made me worried that I’d either get indigestion or dribble egg yolk over my outfit (or both). We tried to get moved but they were having none of it, which was disappointing but we soldiered on.


One of the greatest/toughest things about writing this blog is having to move away from tried and tested favourite dishes and order new things. As a compromise between this and my actual, physical NEED for poached eggs I ordered the Huevos Benedictos which was basically eggs benedict with avo and chorizo. Yeah, yeah, it may not be the most revolutionary combination in the world but at least it’s not just straight eggs benedict, yeah? Leave me alone.



Doesn’t it look sexy?? Even my photography can’t unsexy that! It was delicious as well, though to be fair, given those ingredients it would take an evil genius of the first order to make it taste bad.


Vicky ordered the crispy potato hash with braised beef, hollandaise and crispy shallots which wasn’t exactly what she was expecting but she enjoyed nonetheless. Piles if crispy potatoes (not sure how that’s ‘hash’ but never mind, maybe it’s my midlands upbringing!) beautifully tender beef that fell apart in your mouth and lovely crispy shallots. Sophie has a sweet tooth so had the french toast with caramelised bananas and mixed nuts. Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to think ‘when I’m grown up I’ll have pudding for every meal’ but then when you actually make it, you don’t? Well Sophie does. Frequently. She’s excellent. Anyway, yes the french toast was amazing. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, crunchy nuts and bananas so sweet I got a couple of cavities just thinking about having a bite. Yum. We were going to share the french toast with bacon and maple syrup as a kind of pudding but the portions were pretty generous and we decided in the end that that would go from flirting with obesity to just jumping into bed with it so we resisted.


The drinks on offer as part of the bottomless booze part of the brunch at B&H are either bellinis or bloody marys. We all had the bellinis which were… definitely heavy on the peach and light on the prosecco, frankly. Bit disappointing and made them quite sickly.

I’m glad I’ve been to B&H – the place was gorgeous and the food was great as well – but I doubt we’ll be going back. Compared to the other places we’ve had brunch (Avenue and Villandry) it just didn’t come close to be perfectly honest. I know it’s not all about the booze (people keep telling me this, I pretend to believe it) but I couldn’t help feeling like we were having our pants pulled down a bit. Bearing in mind that Avenue was ALSO £15 for drinks, and for that you got 100% prosecco rather than about 5%, and of course Villandry was £40 all in and that was champagne. With that as the competition, what was on offer at B&H was… pfffffft (technical term).

Onwards and upwards! One Canada Square next month… *excited face*


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