Eating, Praying and Loving (oo-er) in Ubud

Five things I have learnt:

  1. I use way too much shampoo. Normally I’d get through a bottle in about a month but I’m only half way through this one. I could save a fortune! Ditto body wash.
  2. Tourists are annoying everywhere, not just in London
  3. I get way more homesick than I ever thought I would – I’ve always wanted to live abroad for a few years but I don’t think I could hack it.
  4. Nobody actually cares (or even notices) if you’ve worn the same top 3* days in a row.
  5. Germaline solves everything.

* OK 4, sometimes 5… 6 at the most (7).

The past few weeks have been mental. When I left you last we were leaving KL and since then it’s been full on.

We’ve had a week in Borneo diving, rafting, hiking and more diving.

And now we’re on our second week in Bali. We stayed in Sanur for a few days and it was 5 – 7am get ups every day and we’re both exhausted, thankfully images like this make it worth it…

God as my witness, there is no filter on that photo.

Yeah, so Sanur was mental and amazing so we thought we deserved to CHILL THE NITS OUT, which is when we ended up here…
IMG Bali2


This is Ubud, and due to a booking cock up we ended up in a private villa. ACCOMODATION WIN!

We stayed a bit out of the way and had to walk through the monkey forest to get to the main town, which meant seeing these cuties every day.

We took in a gamelan show

IMG Bali4
Hit the spas (Chris got a pedicure and loved it)


IMG Bali5

And relaaaaxed (apart from when we hiked up then slid down Mt Batur, that was not relaxing but was still pretty stunning)

When I hit good ol’ Trip Advisor for nom-nom recommendations I was left literally spoilt for choice; well over 3/4’s of the restaurants in Ubud had 4 1/2 stars or more and awesome write ups but I really wasn’t fussed by any of them. I actually just don’t like Indonesian food – maybe I haven’t been to the right places – so I was properly stressing out for a new blog post when I found him… the newest love of my life (sorry, Chris).

IMG Bali6

The satay man outside the monkey forest is THE BEST food I had in Indonesia (and as I’m now in Australia that statement stands). Just guy on a motorbike with some chicken, peanut butter and hot sauce. He’s only outside Gate 3 of the monkey forest between about 5 and 7 every day so I only managed to catch him twice. 20K (a little under a quid) got me a massive paper bag of satay sticks swimming in hot, sticky satay sauce.


^ zero sexy points, squillions of tasty points

Our time in SE Asia is up! I know the timings in this post are a complete mess but I started writing it in Ubud and now, ten days later we are in Australia. Hopefully we’ll have an amazing time here and I’ll have lots to tell you.

PEACE OUT! (mayte… that’s how the Aussies say it) xxxx


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