Jalan Alor, KL

On our final day in KL *sob* we visited the Batu Caves, a religious Hindu sight about 6 miles north of the city (but also very easily accessible by train, no stinky cramped buses for us, no no no). After investigating some caves, being wrapped in a sarong and also climbing approximately a million steps (280) we were treated to stunning views of the city and also…


Actual wild monkeys! I’ve never seen a properly wild monkey until now and they are so cool! Violent little buggers also but I wasn’t dumb enough to try and feed them crisps (turns out monkeys don’t understand ‘I give you food and you let me stroke you’ kinda exchanges, who knew).

The caves are stunning and look like a level off the Tomb Raider games I had when I was a kid. It was a really cool morning out.

A coconut and a train later we were back in the city and headed for Galeri Petronas for an exhibition called ‘Twins’ by Oliviero Rainaldi, an Italian artist and sculpture. It was small but really interesting, especially the videos showing how he actually made some of his creations. If I thought about it I could almost have been back in London (some of it was a bit ‘Saatchi Gallery’ if you catch my drift).


In a very un-London like way, we hit Jalan Alor for dinner that night. A crazy, CRAZY street in Bukit Bintang that comes alive every night; restaurants line the road and the owners shout out to you to try and tempt you into their restaurant whilst locals sit around smoking and tourists look, well, quite frankly terrified.

We avoided this place…


Fish head noodles, you say?? Mmmmmm…
…and started with Chinese BBQ, then moved onto Fat Brothers Satay.

This, my friends, is not satay as you know and love it. Fat Brothers basically had any (I mean it) type of meat on a stick, you picked your own and they cooked it for you. Fancy eating a whole frog? Neither did we, but if we had then we could have done.

We went for safer options (chicken and beef, maybe, you can never be sure) and some pok choi which we smothered in soy sauce and was really delicious. A group of mental Chinese tourists next to us had picked what I’m sure was one of everything, it didn’t look appealing.

After munching on plenty of safe, normal animals, we hunted for pudding.
This is durian fruit (Chris calls in stinky fruit).


Yes, they are gloves.

Anyone ever been stupid enough to eat this? If not then I know you’re now curious (I was) because it can’t be that disgusting surely… Well go ahead but be warned, I nearly vomited in the road, it’s that grim. The locals go mental over it (weirdos) but it tastes worse than it smells, and it smells bloody awful.


(^ sexyfruit? Not so much…)
So THAT pudding was a bust, thankfully we found ice cream.

This guy made his own:

Choose your flavour (strawberry & oreo ftw)

He mashes it into cream


Spreads it out
Let’s it set


Curls it up

So that was our last day in KL. Next stop, Borneo.

NB. We are now in Ubud! And you know how I said that wild monkeys were cute? Well our hotel is right outside Monkey Forest and one of the little brats tried to pinch my satay earlier… CAROLINE DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!!!


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