Little India, KL

Kuala Lumpur is fast becoming one of my favourite cities. It’s a brilliant mix of old and new, with the mighty Petronas Towers and the tiny market stalls cowering under them. There are galleries, exhibitions, festivals, AN AMAZING BIRD PARK WHERE I FED A PARROT and humongous shopping malls that make Westfield look tiny. I love it here.

^ my new best mate, Patrick.

Saturday was our main sightseeing day; we started with a trip up KL Tower to check out the view.

^ Pretty incredible, right!

Then we walked to the Petronas Towers for more photo-ing and a wander around the mall, because like an idiot I only packed one pair of socks … thankfully, H&M came to the rescue!

I’d been advised by Jennie to check out Little India, she (and I quote) had ‘the best meal of her life in Little India’ when she was in KL exactly 7 years ago (this came up on my Timehop and I got mega excited).

So, we set off for Little India … at least I think we did. I’d found the general area (Brickfields) on Google Maps but apparently – who knew – Kuala Lumpur is quite big so finding this elusive place, and then a street that looked like it did in the Lonely Planet guide was proving difficult.

After extensive googling (thanks, Chris) WE FOUND IT! Just a short walk out of KL Sentral* Station and lined with food, textile stalls and florists.
*not me being a plank, this is how the Malaysians spell ‘central’.

We meandered around the food stalls but after some bad experiences and the fact that some places served fish head, we decided to find an actual restaurant.

Enter, Gem. Like a shiny, clean beacon of air-conditioned light in the mid-afternoon sun.


We were bloody starving so ordered…

Chicken Tikka
Paneer Tikka (we will talk more about this in a minute)
Butter Chicken
Garlic & Chili Paneer
a small mountain of rice
ditto naan bread
lots of mango lassi YUM!
The Butter Chicken was AMAZING and nothing like anything I’ve ever tried anywhere else. Actually, Butter Chicken in England is really not good!! This was creamy but also had a teeny tiny bit of heat. Chicken Tikka was also awesome. Nice and fiery.

^ not so good paneer, hmmmmmm…

Now, I have a bit of a bone to pick with my dear sister. This ‘best meal of her life’ consisted of Paneer Butter Masala… this wasn’t on the menu but I went down the paneer route anyway. Cheese is lovely, curry is lovely. Cheese Curry not so much. The Garlic & Chili sauce was wicked but I wish I’d gone for meat or veg! I’ll forgive Jennie for this eventually, after all she was a veggie 7 years ago.

We left immensely satisfied and the whole thing cost us RM117 (about 15quid… bargain).

And afterwards, we went to see Inside Out at the cinema, because not every second of this travelling malarkey can be new adventures and discovering new places. What an amazing day.


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  1. Little India in Malaysia… Interesting


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