Thailand (in a nutshell)

If you follow me on Twitter (CarrieSwan89 in case you’re interested) then you’ll know that Chris and I have gone on an adventure! Until the end of summer we will be island hopping in Asia, adrenaline hunting in Australia and road tripping across the USA. This is a trip we have been planning and saving for for years and – although this isn’t a travel blog – I will be keeping you up to date with some of the gorgeous places we’ll see and some of the delicious food we eat along the way.

After a fleeting visit to Bangkok (humid, sweaty, deadly cocktails, loads of temples, a random American trying to climb into bed with me, no I’m not kidding, and SOME BASTARD STEALING ALL MY CASH) we decided to head to Koh Tao. Turtle Island. Paradise.

It threw it down.

Thankfully the rain lasted less than 48hours and on the Monday morning we were greeted with glorious sunshine and a cooling ocean breeze.

^ swinging (oo-er) away on Sairee Beach

We spent the week exploring some of the best dive sites Thailand has to offer and made some amazing new friends along the way. Koh Tao had everything that I have imagined this adventure to be so when it came to hugging and saying goodbye, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to moving on to Koh Samui (I’d been told there was a KFC – not exactly the remote island life I have been craving…).

^ last night sunset in Koh Tao… SMUGFACE

Thankfully, Chris had booked a hostel in Bophut, in the north of the island away from the noise and destruction of Chaweng Beach. We spent the next few days in Samui sightseeing, including visiting AngThong Marine Park which – if it hadn’t been for the thousands of tourists there also – has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world. We kayaked, snorkelled and climbed a crap load of stairs to be treated to a gorgeous view over the islands. Our evenings were spent wandering around Fisherman’s Village; a cute little shopping/food area that hasn’t been taken over by the 18-30 culture and is also home to The Hut restaurant. I’d read about this online and had dragged Chris in completely the wrong direction on our first night in Samui to try and hunt it down (I’m blaming Trip Advisor – the address was wrong).


^ Kayaking in Ang Thong


On our last night in Samui we ate at The Hut. We had to book a table (in Thailand!? weird right…) so I had very high expectations. We ordered spring rolls, pork wontons & chicken satay to share and for mains Chris had Massaman Curry w/chicken (apparently not as good as the Boat Cafe in Koh Tao but still really delicious) and I had Tom Yum w/ prawns, quite possibly my new favourite food in the world.


My soup was so fragrant, fresh and murderously spicy all at the same time (my fault, thinking I’m hard core and asking for it super hot, stupid westerner). For dessert we shared deep fried banana with ice cream. Deliciously crispy batter and not greasy at all. Fried food the way it should be.


Stuffed to the brim we rolled back up the hill to the hostel for an early night. Huzzah for 5am starts.

So, after three weeks on the road, I think I’m getting the hang of hostel etiquette; I can put a bra on over my towel without flashing everyone and I’m getting better and talking to strangers. Now all I have to do is learn to love the cockroaches … maybe.


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