Crispy Skin Salmon Fajitas

This is a modification of a Jamie O recipe (I love a bit of Jamie, I think after Nigella and Hugh he’s my fave). It was one of his ’30 Minute Meals’, though I dimly remember when I made it for the first time it took two of us somewhere in the region of an hour and a half.  Not 30 minutes as such.

This version is simpler, doesn’t take nearly as long, yet is still really delicious.  If you’re a fish fan, these fajitas are totally game changing. The crispy salmon skin acts like basically the best seasoning in the world and will revolutionise your life. No, that’s not an exaggeration. I never exaggerate. The flavours are really fresh; the delicate fish and lemon juice, crunchy salad, tasty rice, creamy guac, hot salsa and cooling soured cream TOPPED WITH CRISPY SKIN all add up to take you to actual fajita heaven. I am also convinced that eating one of these bad boys involves about 12 of your 5-a-day. Boom. Health food, that’s what these are.

What you need (for about 4 people):

4 skin on salmon fillets
2 courgettes
2 red peppers
Large bunch of spring onions
Half a red chilli (de-seeded if you’re a wimp)
Sea salt and black pepper

Ingredients for salad, quinoa/rice, guac, salsa (see below)

Tortillas and soured cream (I snip some chives into mine) to serve

What to do:

NB: We’ve already done a fajita blog here so i’m not going to repeat the recipe for guac, salsa and quinoa salad. This time I swapped the quinoa for 150g brown rice cooked in stock and with chopped roasted red peppers stirred through which was yum.  If you’re making the quinoa salad from the lamb fajita recipe I would leave out the paprika when you roast the veg as it’s quite a strong flavour for this dish. I also put plenty of chilli in the salsa (but left out the sweetcorn to make it more traditional) so it contrasted nicely with the soured cream. We had a salad with spinach, celery, tomatoes, parsley and feta with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing (half and half and shake) but you can freestyle, I’m not telling you how to make salad (much)…

  • Chop your veg into chunks and lay over the bottom of an ovenproof dish or baking try. Add some olive oil and salt and pepper.
  • Place your salmon SKIN SIDE UP on top of the veg. Add more olive oil and salt and pepper. Chop (and de-seed) your chilli and sprinkle over the veg and salmon. Finally squeeze the juice of half a lemon over everything.


  • Next it’s time to get a little messy, take off all your rings (as with so many cooking activities, this is vital) and massage the chilli-y, lemon-y, saltiness into the salmon skins.
  • Place your dish under a hot grill for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on it, as you don’t want things to burn. Give the veg a shuffle halfway through to get even cooking.


  • After 15 minutes, take out the dish and, using a nice and fork peel the skin off the salmon. Try not to get too much of the flesh sticking to the skin. Turn it upside down and place on the fillets. Squeeze over more lemon juice (from the other half) and sprinkle on more sea salt. Give your veg another shuffle.


^ That skin is UPSIDE DOWN I promise…

  • Place back under the grill for 5 minutes. Check the skins, they should be getting charred and crispy but not burning past all recognition.
  • Turn over the skins again and squeeze more lemon and sprinkle more salt (for crispiness). Shuffle veg again. Put back under hot grill for 5 mins.


  • Check the skins, if they’re perfectly crispy then take them off before you give the veg a final shuffle and put back under the grill for 5 mins.  Your veggies should now be soft when you stick a sharp knife into them and your salmon should be cooked all the way through unless you’ve gone wrong somewhere.
  • Serve the fish and veg with your rice, guac, salsa and soured cream. Crumble some of the crispy salmon skin on top (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND). Wrap it all up snugly in a warm tortilla.
  • Devour. Consider all other fajitas inferior (apart from maybe our lamb ones) for the rest of your days.




^ NOM!


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