The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Last week Mummy Swan came down for another visit. On Thursday night we had a quick-yet-delicious dinner at The Hop & Berry (new menu, still delicious, even though we had salad I KNOW RIGHT?) and saw Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Car Man’ at Sadlers Wells theatre. The run ended on the 9th but if you get the chance to see it at any point then DO; it’s an absolutely phenomenal adaptation of ‘Carmen’ with lots of sex, nudity (OH HAIIIII MALE BALLET DANCERS) and murder. It also had a live orchestra which I always thinks makes a performance approximately 10000% better, and I’m not just saying that because Sister Swan is a muso.  On an absolutely tragic note on the day of the last performance the male lead died in a traffic accident which is heartbreaking, and not only because he was so talented it physically hurt to watch him 😦


On Friday evening we had a wander around gorgeous Primrose Hill and had dinner at the Princess of Wales on Chalcot Rd. I’ve been to this pub a couple of times for a drink and it’s always looked lovely so I was looking forward to trying the food.


It was quite an early dinner so we had a starter to share and a main each. Duck liver & orange pate with rhubarb chutney to start was delicious – really smooth pate (I know some people find smooth pate weird, but I like it) with a hint of orange which came through when you ate it by itself with the toast. The rhubarb chutney went really well with the pate; the tart fruit bringing out the sweetness nicely. So far, so good.


Mummy Swan ordered the broad bean, goats cheese & pesto linguine for a main course, but I don’t go to a pub for Italian food (except maybe pizza) so I had the pulled pork bun with onion rings instead of fries.



Yeah… I kind of wish I’d gone for the Italian to be honest. The pasta was nice – difficult to go wrong with those ingredients to be fair, the price was reasonable and you got a decent portion. My pulled pork bun was FAR too sweet – the pork was drowned in a sweet BBQ sauce and it came with creamy coleslaw which did NOTHING to cut through the richness. Added to that, the fact that it came in a brioche bun made the whole thing too sickly for words. The onion rings were too greasy and undercooked and the whole thing left me feeling a bit nauseous. Maybe I just ordered badly – if you’ve been before and you dig it please let us know and I’ll give them another shot, but I think I’ll stick to drinking and snacking there in future.

Ah well, at least the wine was nice!

(I used a swan picture from our day trip to Hampton Court as the ‘featured image’ because the photos I took of the food were rubbish.  Not that that usually stops me, but then I usually like the food!)


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