Dead Easy Potato Salad

If you’re a regular reader of the blog (YOU LOVELY THING) you’ll hopefully already have discovered that making your own guac for the first time is a life affirming experience. Well, I’m telling you the same goes for making your own potato salad. I LOVE potato salad, and – if I do say so myself – this is easily better than the ones you can get in the supermarket (yes, even the super posh lines. MOVE OVER ‘taste the difference’). It’s also so so so simple. So simple I almost feel like writing a recipe for it is a bit patronising. Sorry about that, if you already have your own stellar recipe please feel free to ignore this post (but come back! I promise to o a really complicated recipe soon!) or – even better – share your recipe with us 🙂

I use chives in this because I don’t particularly like raw onion, but if that’s your bag just substitute spring onions for the chives, up to you.

What you need (for 2 generous portions):

About 10 new potatoes (or yunno, however many you want)
A tablespoon of phili
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
2 tablespoons of full fat greek yogurt
A handful of finely chopped chives
Black pepper

What to do:

  1. First, chop your new potatoes (not too small) and put them on to boil

2. Put your phili, mayo and yoghurt into a big bowl, add a twist of black pepper and your chopped chives

3. Whisk your mixture – because of the cream cheese you probably will need a whisk to get it nice and smooth


4. When a sharp knife goes into your new potatoes easily, they’re done. Drain and either leave to cool or add straight to your mayo mixture for a warm potato salad (yummmmmmmm).


5. Stir in the huge bowl, serve in a smaller bowl with some more chopped chives on top. It’ll keep for a few days in the fridge as well so perfect for packed lunches.

Done! So simple, and SO much better than Tesco finest.

I had mine with chicken stuffed with cream cheese & pesto and wrapped in parma ham. Yep, I’m still experimenting with chicken and Helen’s brilliant method of cooking it and IT IS BABE!



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