Summer Tales, EC2

It’s Summer (you can tell because as soon as you set foot on the Northern line your eyeballs melt in the heat #sosexy), which means that you can’t walk more than 100m anywhere east of Chancery Lane without bumping into a new, cool, pop-up, street food market.


If all cool, East-Londoney, outdoor, street food pop-ups are equal, Summer Tales is definitely more equal than others. It’s like Street Feast’s calmer, classier cousin, and is conveniently located a stone’s throw from Old St tube so I don’t have to schlep for miles or stress about (and then miss) the last overground home and then fork out for a ‘surge charge’ Uber grumble GRUMBLE. Best of all, it doesn’t just have street food on offer but also restaurant pop ups (Burger & Lobster! Bonnie Gull! Awesomeness!) flogging street-foody versions of their usual fare.

After paying our fiver to get in we slurped some cocktails, considered our options and decided to begin the night with a Njuda pizza from Pizza Pilgrims.  Now, if you are especially devoted to the blog and have a really good memory (you can have 10 points and a badge) you’ll remember that this was the pizza that I had at Swingers back in January. Back then I was really disappointed; the pizza was undercooked and the sausage tasted weird. Well, Readers, either that was a blip or this one was a fluke, because this pizza was delicious. Crispy charred base, melty cheese, spicy, tasty sausage = perfection.


^ Because I’m feeling way more well disposed towards PP I’m going to enthuse about their really cool van-slash-oven which is so hipster it’s painful and post this photo *pizza action shot high five*


^ *So greasy but so sexy pizza portrait high five*

To go with our pizza we had some croquettes from Nanny Bills. Now, they were called croquettes, and I can’t think of another name for them, but at the same time a ‘croquette’ to me is a bland, heavy, potato based, fried thingummibob which bears ABSOLUTELY NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER to the wonderful balls of deliciousness served up by Nanny Bill. No potato filler to bulk these bad boys up; just the tasty, tasty filling and really crunchy coating. I assume they’re so crunchy because the croquettes have to be cooked in the fires of hell in about 3 seconds flat as the fillings wouldn’t keep their shape otherwise, but as far as I’m concerned that is a small price to pay for the crunch.



We had croquette roulette (best game ever??) with the pea, feta, broad bean & mint (fresh and light), cheese dream (SO dreamy, and perfect with the chilli jam) and pulled pork (rich and tasty, avocado creme got a bit lost though). Phwoar.

After a bit of a break and lubricated with a couple of bottles of Freixenet cava I was peckish again and went snuffling around on the hunt for some more food.

The thing I love about places like this is the free samples. I am ALL OVER a free sample, and I’m also really suggestible, so if I get reeled in and chatting to someone I’ll usually buy something. I went off fully intending to get something from Burger & Lobster but the lovely lady at Walter & Monty (she might be called Walter. Or Monty. I don’t know, but I like to think so) caught my eye by waving a wonderfully pink piece of beef in my direction and as soon as it passed my lips I was hooked.


^ Or maybe he’s Walter.  Or Monty.


I may have been a liiiiiitle drunk at this point, but I definitely remember thinking something along the lines of meat like that being a pretty good argument for the existence of a divine being. Lovely Walter-or-Monty made me a delicious wrap with their home made sauces, plenty of crunchy salad and of course a generous helping of that beef. I didn’t share it, and I’m not even sorry.

The heavens opened at this point, and so we decided to end the evening somewhere more sheltered with four walls and a roof and stuff. 69 Colebrooke Row in Angel provided delicious cocktails and perfectly serviceable walls and roof.

Then I got a surge charge Uber back home.


Summer tales website here

Pizza Pilgrims on twitter @pizzapilgrims

Nanny Bill’s @nannybills

Walter and Monty @walterandmonty


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