Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival

As of Monday, I moved out of London.  It was a sad day but never fear! I will be back very, very soon.  Chris and I are actually going travelling for 3 months so you’ll be treated to some exotic (and hopefully not too braggy) blog posts from the beginning of August.

Anyway, to numb the pain of missing the big city so much Laura (childhood bestie, fellow S Club 7 lover and partner in crime) and I headed to the beer festival.  I was CHUFFED when I found out that I’d timed my return to Derby for the festival.  For all the time I’ve been living in Ealing I’ve never missed one (except for this year!) and this more than made up for it.

We had a really awesome evening, got more than a little bit tipsy, made some new friends and enjoyed some fabulous entertainment (believe it or not, I had never seen live Morris Dancers until Wednesday).

I know it’s a beer festival, but I really go for the cider & perry and Laura is exactly the same.  We went with the determination of trying all of them (we only had 1/3 pints or we would have been on the floor before 9pm) but that really was never going to happen.


Here’s what we drank:

Summer Fruits (Derbyshire WOOHOO) – fruity and delicious without being too sweet. Could easily throw this down til the cows came home.

Cherry (Kent) – Laura went crackers for this and even went back for more. Yummy yum yum!

Strawberry (Devon) – also scrummy and fruity without being sweet. Very throw-downable.

Jibber Jabber (Staffordshire) – DEFINITELY WINS THE BEST NAME COMPETITION! This was my fave! Light and apple-y (that sounds dumb but some of this cider tasted well weird, this wasn’t one of them). Warning though – it smells absolutely rancid(!?!?)

Doris Stokes (Derbyshire) – now I’ve got to this maybe this one was my fave? Oooooh the choices!

Janet’s Jungle Juice (Somerset) – blech.  Although maybe this should win the best name competition..?

Yellow Snow (Derbyshire) – as you can tell we mostly kept it local! Don’t be put off by the name, this was also delish.

Three Cats (Derbyshire) – I had to inconspicuously throw this down the drain when nobody was looking.  Read into that whatever you like… However, we did make a friend from Darlington who thought it was delicious, so each to their own.

Impaired Vision Perry (Kent) – I went bloody mental and had a massive spazzy laughing fit over the name of this…


Laura – stares at me like I’m a knob (which isn’t wrong)


Laura – ‘everyone gets it Caz, shut up’

Me – continues laughing like a lunatic for about 5 minutes and making a complete tool of myself.

Thankfully by this time everyone was trollied and, also thankfully, very few people from Derby know me.  Probs for the best.


^ looking particularly cheeky & merry.

In between 1/3 pints of delicious refreshing and deceptively strong cider, we checkout out the entertainment…

RIPLEY MORRIS DANCERS!! This is a hobby I’m seriously thinking of taking up, it looks like mega funsies.


Ockbrook Big Band also treated us to some awesome jazzy classics, to which there was a lot of drunken singing and dancing.

We’d eaten before we went however, we managed to fit in a cheese plate at the end of the night from Morgan’s – Mum & Dad have been getting cheese from their store in the market place for as long as I can remember and, as well as knowing their stuff, have an excellent selection.  We went for Black Bomber (classic, strong, creamy, yum), Lincolnshire Garlic which I can still taste now, and a mild goats cheese.


There were plenty of other food stalls to try but instead I took a drunken photo of the Guildhall Clock (see below) and we stumbled home.


*hiccup, burp and snore* what a wonderful evening with one of my most favourite people in the world.


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