Plum ‘Cheesecakes’

I hate to be one of those people who talks about the bleeding obvious, but hasn’t the weather been absolutely friggin’ GLORIOUS this week!  It’s been lovely.  If one more person whinges ‘ooooh it’s too hot’ they can sod off.  Literally, like, migrate to the most northern of Russian territories and live your life as an eskimo. Sheeeesh!

Now that summer has well and truly landed (G&T check, Wimbledon on TV check…) it’s time for cool, fruity, light puddings to take centre stage.  That’s why the ‘cheesecake’ in this pud is in air quotes – like hell am i slaving over a heavy cheesecake on a hot summers night.  Cooling yoghurt and refreshing fruit to the rescue, I say!


As you know by me already, measurements are for losers so, to make 2 ‘cheesecakes’ you will need(ish):

a handful of oats – gonna guess around 25g but that could be absolute rubbish

a handful of mixed nuts

a knob of butter

8 plums, de-stoned & sliced

yoghurt – THIS is my fave right now, and it’s on special offer at Sainsbury’s…


Start with your plums.  Your de-stoned and chopped plums needs to go into a saucepan with a teeny weeny splash of water.  Put the saucepan on as low a heat as possible, stirring occasionally.


Right, whilst your plums are stewing, put your oats in a bowl and roughly blitz your nuts.  Don’t liquidise them, you want a nice crunchy texture for the base (base, base, base, buttery biscuit base LOL).

IMG_5140 IMG_5144

Melt your butter in a pan then combine this with your oats & nuts.  If it turns out you’ve gone overboard vis a vis butter or oats then just add a bit more butter or oats.


Once your plums are nicely stewed but still maintain some structural integrity, turn the heat off and put them to one side to cool for a bit.


Once your plums aren’t boiling hot anymore, get out 2 fancy-ish looking glasses and get layering!

Generous layer of biscuit base (teeheehee)…


Lots of juicy plums (snigger…)

IMG_5151 IMG_5153

Try to strain away as much of the liquid as possible or you’ll end up with a puddle of plum juice at the bottom of your pudding, boohiss.

If your plums haven’t cooled completely then pop your half constructed ‘cheesecakes’ in the fridge for a bit, until they’re nice and chilly.

Top with lashings of creamy, fresh yoghurt.*


*If you’re being a bit ‘I don’t give a shit what I look like in a bikini this summer’ and KUDOS TOO YOU then whip up some cream, hell whip up some double cream. EXTRA THICK DOUBLE CREAM… droooooool.

What a crunchy, creamy, fruity, light dessert you have waiting for you.

It also dawned on me whilst I was munching this in front of the tele last night – this would also make a wicked breakfast!


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