Strawberry & Banana Mess

When I thought about blogging this pudding it felt a bit ridiculous.  I mean, this pudding is ridiculously simple and easy* that you’ve all probably done something very similar but we’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front recently so, yeah, take this as it comes.

*just had a thought – if you’ve got kids I bet they’d love making it themselves… check me out being all child-friendly.

OK… maybe I’ve undersold the delicious-ness of this ridiculously simply dish.  It’s not too much, healthy(ish… there’s plenty of opportunities to make it creamy and decadent) and you can whip – or should I say, pile – it up in about 30 seconds flat. No lies.


a pack of ready made meringue nests, smashed to smithereens… or you could make your own if you’re talented enough. i am not.

bananas, chop chop chopped.

strawberry ice-cream (carte d’or is on special offer, just sayin’)

greek yoghurt*

grated chocolate

* or whipping cream all whipped up if you’re feeling naughty. you minx you…

Right, listen closely, this is the most difficult bit.

Layer your ingredients into a snazzy looking wine glass.

IMG_5117 IMG_5118

errrrrrrm… that’s it.




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