Lemon & Saffron Rissoto w/ Scallops

Sounds posh and fancy, right? Well, it is… but it’s dead, dead easy.  Risottos (believe it or not) are dead, dead easy as long as you have a boyfriend/sister/slave to stir for you whilst you’re ‘busy getting everything else ready’ aka. drinking wine and catching up on emails.

For a romantic night in for 2, you will need:

150g arborio rice

a knob of butter

a slug of olive or rapeseed oil (does it matter? I hope not…)

1 small onion

a good pinch of saffron

2 lemons

salt & peppers

a small mountain of parmesan cheese*

500ml fish stock

a dozen scallops

*if you’re the kind of person who’s into either a) proper units of measurement b) weighing cheese then you’d be better off with BBC Food.

Riiiiight, start with your butter and oil in a large saucepan, melting away.

Finely dice your onion and throw that into the pan and leave it to sweat out until it’s nice and soft.  No crispy onions please.

Juice one lemon into a bowl and leave your scallops to marinade in the juice.  Cover the bowl with cling film and stick it in the fridge, out of the way.

Once the onions are soft, add your rice and stir this around to coat in the butter and oil.  Stir for 5 minutes (this calls for your boyfriend/sister/slave) or the rice will stick, bad times.


Add your saffron, stir stir stir.


Add your stock a slug at a time (real recipes say a ladle-full at a time but whatevs, as if I own a ladle) and stir continuously until the liquid is absorbed, then add more stock.


Continue with this until the rice is soft but still has a bit of a bite (al dente and all that).  When you’re rice is a couple of minutes off, fire up the hob and heat up a tiny drop of oil in a frying pan or griddle, depending on whether you want fancy griddle lines on your scallops.  I did not.

Season your risotto with salt, pepper and lemon and grate a tonne of parmesan into the pan, stirring and grinning at the cheesy goo-ey goodness. YUM.


Time for the scallops.  Your pan should be nice and hot, so gently place your scallops into the pan and leave to sear on each side for around 3-4minutes.  Now, this was the first time I’ve ever cooked scallops and as a result was staring at the timer on my phone and occasionally wiggling them around the pan in a desperate attempt for them not to stick instead of taking photos like a good little blogger.  Soz and all that, but honestly scallops aren’t anything to be scared off.  Not gonna lie, they probably definitely taste better in a restaurant than when I cook them but I think I did pretty well for a first go.  Nice and soft on the inside, just seared on the outside and nobody died.  Result.


Personally, I reckon that if you combined this with Jennie’s bloody brilliant Seafood Risotto then we could take over the world.

Plate up and serve with a wedge of lemon and a twist of black pepper.


Super easy supper.  Tres impressive.


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