Mission Burrito, Oxford.

It was half term last week (ahhhh, this blissful life of a music teacher) so I spent a few glorious days basking in the beautiful land of Oxfordshire. It’s nice to get away from L-town every once in a while.

Every time I’m in Oxford I insist that we go to Mission Burrito. They are, hands down, the best burritos I’ve ever had (and that includes in London too). Now I have never been across the pond (although I’m heading to San Fran in October) so I won’t, obviously, stretch to the best burritos in the world but I cannot wait to devour all the burritos in the Mission District just to compare!


Anyway, these are fat, hefty, ‘I could do weights with this’ kinda burritos that come will a choice of beef, pork, chicken or veg, rice and beans and then piled high with chunky guac (more on that in just a second), crisp lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa and topped with chilli sauce.


I went for chicken with pinto beans & rice, extra guac (oooohhhh the guac) extra cheese (duh.) lettuce, sour cream and chipotle sauce. One day I will be brave enough to to have the habanero sauce, but today was not that day.


^ can’t even fit my hand half way round it.

Chris had beef with black beans & rice, lettuce, guac, cheese and chipotle sauce. We also ordered chips w/ guac to share.


Let me tell you what’s so special about the guacamole.

Have you ever, dreadfully, ran out of avocados or not been able to find ripe ones in the store? I have. Have you then gone and lowered your standards to that mingin’ guac in a squeezy tube or a plastic pot? I have. HAVE YOU THEN cried yourself to sleep that night because you decided to replace the guac know and love and that is so easy to make (btw, just mash the crap out of an avocado and you’re done – added optionals are, well, optional, tomatos, chilli flakes, salt etc.) with utter crap???? OK, I didn’t cry but it definitely put me off my fajita. This situation is probably one of the worst in the world (not an exaggeration) and I find that guac in restaurants is similar to this crap you find in the supermarket. The guacamole in Mission Burrito is glorious; chunky, creamy, delicious, freshly made guacamole the way it should do. If they did the guac wrong then this would be a completely different blog post.*


^ couldn’t have made it better myself!

*incase you haven’t noticed, I really like guacamole. If I were on Saturday Kitchen then avocados would be my food heaven. My food hell would be lentils.

They put original hot sauce, chipotle and habanero sauce on the table so you can add it liberally (and we absolutely do) to your burrito.


Needless to say we left stuffed like a, well, like a burrito!

Mission Burrito have two restaurants in Oxford (horray!) and if you’re local then the chances are you’re already well acquainted. If you ever find yourself in the neck of the woods then definitely check them out – they also have stores in Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Reading & Cardiff. ERRRRM EXPAND TO LONDON PLEASE!?!?!?!?


^ always, always a good burrito

Oh, and when I hit San Fransisco like a hurricane I will definitely keep you up to date with my burrito-filled adventures, don’t you worry your little heads.


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