Joe’s Southern Kitchen, NW5

I went out for my friend’s birthday on Saturday, dear Readers, and in the process learned a terrible lesson about my decreasing tolerance for alcohol in general and espresso martinis in particular. The next day I was feeling RATHER FRAGILE and in need of some filthy hangover food. As I lay in the sun, crying quietly to myself and massaging my liver, I thought about maybe going back to Lucky Chip for some chilli fries… I then thought about possibly going back to Bird for some wings… but then I remembered that Joe’s Kitchen had recently opened just down the road in Kentish Town and thought, Hallelujah! It’s meant to be! I checked the menu on the website, saw they did chicken and waffles and was down there in a FLASH*.

* that’s not true, it was a laborious process involving a sit down shower and several pints of water

This hangover wanted protein, and lots of it, so we ordered the whole southern fried chicken (don’t judge, it said ‘serves 2-3’ which in Swan-ese translates as ‘will just about do 2 people, order some sides as well to be safe’), BBQ chicken wings, waffles with watermelon & bourbon maple syrup (*swoon*) and coleslaw. We then settled down, head in hands, to await the feast, which came in double quick time! They obviously sensed I was a woman on the edge…


Look at that chicken! Yum! Moist and tasty with crispy southern seasoning and just the right amount of grease to make you feel like you’ve treated yourself. I had a mouthful with some waffle, bourbon maple syrup and a piece of watermelon and it just SANG, Readers. It sang a wonderful song about not having a hangover anymore. My favourite song.


The coleslaw was crunchy and fresh and also went really well with the chicken, complimenting the richness of the meat nicely. The wings were also yummy and came swimming in tasty BBQ sauce. Sorted my hangover right out that lot did.


Having said all that… it’s not the best chicken I’ve ever had. In fact (sorry guys), it’s not even the best chicken in Kentish Town (HI, CHICKEN SHOP). If I wanted southern fried chicken again, I reckon I’d make the effort to go to Bird, which has the edge on Joe’s in terms of crispiness, tastiness and waffles (cheese v buckwheat = no contest). Though I might suggest that Bird start doing chunks of watermelon with their waffles because whoever thought of that is a bloody genius.

In summary, Southern Joe’s is a good shout. If you’re local, want to stay local and can’t be bothered to queue at Chicken Shop (or just want a bit more choice) then it’s perfect. In my opinion there are better places to eat chicken, but then I don’t even like chicken, what do I know?


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