Gordon’s Wine Bar

I reckon (and I’m sure many Londoners will agree) that you haven’t ‘been’ to London until you’ve been to Gordon’s.  Yes it’s crowded, yes it gets hot and smelly but damn it’s good!


^ LSO in Trafalgar Square – awesome atmosphere AND the weather held up (woohooo!)

After Jennie, Chris and I went to the London Symphony Orchestra’s Open Air Concert in Trafalgar Square there was no other place we’d rather be than in Gordon’s with a bottle of wine and a cheese board and big as all of our faces put together.


We found a cosy corner inside and ordered a bottle of Indian(!) Sauvignon Blanc.  The bar staff are super helpful if you want any recommendations and let you have a try before you order.

Our Indian Sauvignon was light, zesty and delicious! (oh, and only £16 a bottle – wehey!)



After we’d sipped and chatted for a bit, my feet were getting itchy and me and Jen headed over to the cheese bar.

They have a good selection at Gordon’s, but not so big that you’re standing in the queue feeling thoroughly confused and un-educated in the cheese department.  They have a couple of specials each month too.


You can get 3 MAHOOSIVE chunks of cheese + bread and pickles for £15 (bargain!) and we went for the Brie – so creamy and melty it would have walked off the plate if we hadn’t eaten it in time – Dambusters Cheddar – nice and strong – and Saint Nectaire, which was Chris’ favourite – mild and smooth but still tasty.


We finished up with another bottle of Sauvignon (with a wine list the size of a small novel it’d be rude not to) then called it a night and waddled home to greet some cheesy, messed up dreams.*

*totally worth it.

For those of you who don’t know, Gordon’s is nestled down Villier’s Street, just down the road from Embankment Station and their website is here.


It’s the perfect place to meet friends on a warm summers evening when the pavement is filled with people (once you give up finding a table just sit on the floor) or for a romantic yet buzzy, candlelit date.  It’s predictable but this is probably one on my favourite places in London.


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