Lucky Chip @ The Old Queen’s Head, Islington.

If you follow us on Twitter (@HungrySwans) then you’ll know that dear sister of mine ran the Hackney Half Marathon this morning! WHAT A LEGEND! #superproud.


I promised I would a. meet her at the finish line (by the way THANKS, Central Line for buggering that up for me) and b. find her a carb loaded, filthy lunch to die for to aid the recovery*.  I knew just what she would need… a Lucky Chip burger.

*best sister ever, and modest too 😀

I went to Broadway Market years ago and discovered Lucky Chip.  They are, hands down, in my Top 5 London Burgers list (I should probably write that list down…). Since their market days, Lucky Chip are popping up everywhere and, most recently, in Islington at The Old Queen’s Head and at Birthday’s in Dalston.


We found the perfect spot in the sun and started with chicken wings, lots of chicken wings.


Deliciously moist and smothered in ‘just the right amount of spicy’ sauce that was so damn fine I could have bathed in it.  The blue cheese sauce wasn’t too blue and yes, I scooped it out and licked my fingers after.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal but I am such a chicken wing whore.  If there’s not enough meat on the bone I won’t eat them. If the sauce is too watery/cheesy, I won’t eat them.  If the sauce isn’t perfect, I won’t eat them.  You can blame Meat Liquor for this, they kind of set the bar for chicken wings but these are on the same level, if not (do I dare say it) higher… I SAID IT!  Wicked stuff.

After pickin’ them bones clean and glugging down a bottle of Sauvingnon, we ordered our burgers.

Royale w/ Cheese…

IMG_4710 IMG_4717

^ much drooling, I ain’t running no marathon any time soon.

Kevin Bacon…

IMG_4711 IMG_4719

^ look at the perfect pink-ness!

Chilli Cheese Fries…


Utter FILTH!!!! nom nom nom nom.


^ smothered in stringy cheese and slow cooked pork & beef chilli – WELL NICE!

Perfectly cooked burgers and crispy bacon, evened out with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and relish.  Have another look, g’waaaaarn…


The cocktail list looks wicked and we would have gone down that road if it wasn’t a Sunday and we didn’t both have to be up at the crack of rubbish AM tomorrow.  We’ll go back at one point and have a go, in the name of blogging and all that.

Another bottle of wine later teamed with an afternoon sat in the sun we were done (Jennie more than me, the lil’ trooper).


^ le damage…

You can follow Lucky Chip on Twitter @Lucky_Chip and their website is here.

The Old Queen’s Head is also on Twitter @oldqueenshead

I think it goes without saying that Lucky Chip was a MASSIVE HIT and I’m so glad that I’ve finally been able to get Jennie there, after raving about them for yeeeears!



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