Avenue, SW1

Someone once told me that calories consumed at brunch don’t count, because it’s not a real meal. Readers, I have decided to put this theory to the test and work my way through this article sampling the ‘best bottomless boozy brunches in London’. I know, it’s a big commitment, but I’m dedicated to the pursuit of truth, beauty and good food so I’m prepared to go that extra mile for you. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it*!

*NB: I’m probably not going to go to the ones which are in the arse end of nowhere, i.e. south of the river and inaccessible on the tube.  There are limits to my altruism.

First up in my herculean task was Avenue Restaurant near Green Park, and to help me in the pursuit of truth, beauty etc I went with three friends who are almost as committed to all of those things as I am. The restaurant itself is gorgeous – really swish and super cool, and it also has that certain je ne sais quoi which is missing from so many restaurants… arty farty displays of wine glasses!


^ I smash wine glasses to smithereens on a depressingly regular basis, so I didn’t dare get closer than this…

For a posh restaurant in the middle of town, the brunch menu at Avenue is really reasonable; 2 courses for £20 and an extra £3 for three courses. But the best thing… the best thing about this brunch is the fact that you can get BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO… for FIFTEEN ENGLISH POUNDS. That, Readers, is just outstanding.


^ *Cheesy ‘clink’ photo high five*

For starter I had eggs benedict…



Look. At. That. Lick the screen if you like – I won’t judge you, because THAT is poached egg perfection. In fact, it was all round eggs benedict perfection. Other starters we had included eggs Florentine (MORE poached egg perfection), waffles and pancakes with crispy bacon & maple syrup. All great, down the hatches and no complaints.


^ super fluffy pancakes, bacon & maple syrup *NOM*

*pause for more prosecco*

For my main course I had crispy pork belly with apple. This doesn’t sound like traditional lunch victuals, but the brunch menu here has a surprisingly good selection of dishes. It’s a big thing for me to order pork belly, as when it goes wrong it can be disgustingly fatty and I just end up leaving it (and I do NOT like leaving food). This was the beautiful though; amazingly rich, the skin was crispy, the little bits of popcorn crackling were actually to die for and the apple cut perfectly through the richness.


Between us we had a burger, smoked salmon & scrambled egg and (more) waffles with fruit and syrup. We also had chips, onion rings and mac n cheese for sides (which you can order off the main menu for about £4 a throw). All absolutely delicious, and – I can’t stress this enough – unbelievably good value.




Despite being stuffed, we would probably have had some pudding as well but we only had our table for just over 2 hours (pretty reasonable really) so we ran out of time. Our waiter did very kindly offer to seat us in the bar but we had to politely decline in case we never left and drowned in prosecco.

The whole meal cost us £45 each. Honestly. For the amount we ate and drank it’s an absolute freaking BARGAIN!

I can’t finish this post without telling you that we continued the merriment in Hush in Mayfair with a couple of STELLAR G&Ts; Tanqueray, aperol and violet liqueur anyone? Yes.


Next stop: Villandry St James’s!


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