Edensor Tea Cottage

We’ve been back to the Motherland this weekend, Readers, and in the approximately 2 and a half minutes it wasn’t pissing it down with rain (seriously though) we went for a walk around Chatsworth in the Peak District.

It was hilly, it was chilly, but it was VERY worth it…


^ look at that stormy sky! (Yes, we got rained on…)


^ *atmospheric photo high five*



^ we made some new friends!


…especially when we got to Edensor (pronounced ‘En-ser’ – they’re pretty lazy with syllables up here). Edensor is a gorgeous village built on the Chatsworth estate, originally for the estate employees. It is also home to the Edensor Tea Cottage which, when you’ve walked for miles up and down hills, is not half a sight for sore eyes (and feet).


Luckily they had a table for us.  This place gets busy with locals, walkers and cake aficionados so if you time it badly you can end up waiting (and there is NOT a lot to do in Edensor…). Unfortunately if you are walking it makes booking a table pretty difficult unless you’re good at timings.

We had walked up a right appetite, so we had Derbyshire oatcake with bacon, mushrooms and stilton, oatcake with local ham and cheese and a bacon and brie panini (rather ruining the ‘local’ theme there). Derbyshire oatcakes are nothing like Scottish oatcakes – they’re like a cross between a pancake and a crumpet (or a pyclet) and you can have them open with your toppings on top or rolled up almost like a wrap. Delish.


We had to save room for the cakes though. LOOK AT THE CAKES! I put on half a stone just standing near them!


We shared the chocolate nancy and the coconut, lime and pistachio blondie – the nancy was almost like a flapjack, with cranberries and currants in and pistachio and chocolate ganache on top. Phwoar. My favourite was the blondie though – dense and gooey like a blondie should be but the lime and coconut stopped it being too sickly.



Stuffed to the gills, we walked back to the car in the rain.

On the way home we stopped off at Bakewell to purchase a REAL Bakewell Pudding. If you’re ever in the area do make sure you come and sample one of these bad boys because trust me, Readers, when it comes to all things Bakewell, Mr Kipling knows NOTHING!






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