‘Jerk’ Chicken with AWESOME Mango Salsaaaaaa

Now, I should state (before I get attacked by a hoard of angry Jamaicans) that the ‘Jerk’ in this recipe is in inverted commas because I’m not entirely sure it’s the definition of ‘Jerk’ seasoning.  For the BBQ we had a few weeks ago I scoured the internet for homemade jerk recipes which all contained random weird herbs and spices that, quite literally, nobody owns.  What the hell is star anise anyway!?!?

Anyway, I decided to make it up as I go along and (I don’t wanna blow my own trumpet or anything) it was AWESOME! It also BLEW MY FACE OFF! Thankfully(ish), SOMEBODY (looking at you, Chris) managed to cremate the chicken on the barbie so you couldn’t really taste it… I made it again in the oven a few days later which BLEW MY FACE OFF so do you know what I thought? I thought that I literally need a fire extinguisher in my mouth, that’s what.  Do you know what makes a good fire extinguisher? Mouth watering, fresh, juicy, delicious mango salsa.

I got the inspiration for the salsa a few days ago when we went out for dinner but (more trumpet blowing) mine is way better.

Anyway, now that I have fire + fire extinguisher in the form of flaming hot chicken and ludicrously good salsa, I’ll share it with you…

For the ‘Jerk’ rub:

One tablespoon each of:

Mild Curry Powder

Chilli Flakes

Hot Chilli Powder

Dried Thyme

Black Pepper


Half a tablespoon of cinnamon

A glug of olive oil.


Right, slog all your ingredients in a bowl and inhale deeply – not with your nose right in the bowl yoooou fool – isn’t that a WONDERFUL smell!?!? Phwoooooar…

Cover your chicken* with the marinade and get your hands in there to give it a sensual massage (oo-er)…


* I fed myself +1 and used 2 free range chicken legs.  If you’re feeding an army then you can double/tripe ingredients or you can half if you’re having a cosy night in on your own.  All you need to do is make sure that there is equal amounts of each ingredient and half the cinnamon.

Now, I was supposed to leave this magical concoction to marinade for 24hours but I fell asleep in front of Midsomer Murders and no, this is not a guest post by Mummy Swan.  Anyway, I managed to quickly do this in the morning and still not be too late for work yesterday *self five* and it still tasted awesome.

Bang your chicken in a 180º oven for … ermmm … well it depends how much chicken you have.  Two legs took about 1hour.

Whilst your chicken is a-sizzlin’ away, make your salsa.

You will need:

1 large mango

half a red onion

a fistful of coriander

the juice of a lime

Maldon salt.

Hedgehog your mango and put the chunks into a large bowl.  Finely chop your onion and snip in your coriander, then add your lime juice and a pinch of salt.


Mix mix mix…


Add more things if you like…



Serve everything up and prepare to have your face blown off and then cooled magically down again.  Oh, and don’t forget the beers.



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  1. I’m not particularly sure what fits the ‘jerk’ criteria either, this looks close enough for my book. This looks like poolside summer food to me- yum! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo K


    1. Hope you enjoy! If only we had a pool here in London to munch this next to… *dies of jealousy*


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